Galaxy S7 wireless charging battery case from Mophie lets you do two things at once

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge feature in-built, wireless charging, which means that they allow you to charge your devices via a wireless charging pad without having to connect your phone to a wall plug via USB. In other words, you can charge your devices without needing to connect to your USB cable. When your phone is charged, you need only pick it up from the pad (or put it on the pad when charging) and take it out with you — no disconnecting process mandatory. What some don’t understand about wireless charging is that it maintains the life of your battery so that you need not replace your battery once a year, all while keeping your current battery in good health. A healthy battery leads to faster charging, which improves overall performance.

Samsung announced a new Galaxy S7 wireless charging pad and a battery case known as “Backpack” in phone video promos, but the company hasn’t officially announced it at the unveiling on Sunday, February 21st. Whether or not Samsung announced these accessories, though, doesn’t change the desire of third-party manufacturers to make accessories that will keep your device in good shape (if you’d rather buy them from someone other than Samsung, that is). Mophie is such an example of a case maker that’s been at it for some time, and the company has unveiled its Galaxy S7 wireless charging battery case.

The neat thing about the Mophie wireless charging battery case for the Galaxy S7 is that you can charge the case via wireless charging: in the same way you sit the phone on the wireless charging pad, you can do the same with Mophie’s new case in order to charge it. If you want to keep your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge in the battery case, and charge them both, just place the phone in the case on the charger and, voila! It’ll charge away while you go do other things that are far more important.

The Mophie Galaxy S7 wireless charging battery case features a 3,300mAh battery that can provide 11 extra hours of talk time, 4 hours extra web browsing, 7 extra hours of video playback, and 28 hours of music playback on a single charge. The Galaxy S7 edge wireless charging battery case from Mophie, in contrast, yields 13 hours of extra talk time, 5 hours of web browsing, 13 hours of video playback, and 40 hours of music playback. Both wireless charging battery cases will cost $99.95 and be available in Rose Gold and Black colors.

4 or 5 hours of extra web browsing doesn’t seem like much, but it may be the difference between a dead phone a few hours early and a working phone even when the evening comes to a halt. For $100, though, we’re sure that Samsung’s own Galaxy S7 wireless charging battery pack that costs about $80-$90 will work better and provide better battery life. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 wireless charging battery pack has a 3,400mAh battery in it. With a slightly bigger battery and slightly cheaper price, plus the satisfaction of knowing that Samsung has crafted your entire experience, may prove the best over Mophie’s effort.



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