Galaxy S8 details silenced by Samsung

Galaxy S8 details are few and far between right now, considering that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled now for the second time and consumers are being forced to either 1) buy the Galaxy S7 edge or 2) look to some other phone for their tech fix until next year’s Galaxy Note. What we do know at this point, however, is that 1) there’s a dual camera setup rumored for “the next Galaxy,” which will give micro and macro shots; 2) the Galaxy S8 may end up having a dual-edge display only (no flat panels), regardless of the two models announced; and 3) Samsung  may give the Galaxy S8 a 4K display in order to improve VR graphics and content for gaming and leisure. Some consumers don’t see the point of having a 4K display, but using Quad HD graphics in VR, I can tell you that there’s a mountain of improvement needed for VR graphics of the future of virtual reality gaming.

Well, with all the fiasco behind the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 details are under a gag order issued by the Korean giant. Samsung is now telling its employees to “keep quiet” about plans for the Galaxy S8. The company said in a recent letter to employees and executives that “leaks of operational secrets can cause irreversible ramifications, posing a great financial risk on the company and leading to broken partnerships and loss of trust.”

The financial risk posed with Galaxy S8 details involves Samsung’s decision to change directions on a given decision. Reuters has said that Samsung made a last-minute decision to go with a 12MP camera sensor for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge instead of pushing forward with a 20MP camera sensor. These types of last-minute decisions can ruin a company when rumors have stated that Samsung is moving in the opposite direction. In short, leaking these types of rumors can give the impression that “Samsung will do such and such” when the company may be in deliberation about a given issue.

Sure, it is our business to leak news about the next-generation handsets and what Samsung has in the works, primarily because it’s our belief that consumers can’t make an informed decision to buy or pass on a smartphone without information. At the same time, however, we make decisions on what information is news-worthy and what information is not. There are a number of leaks in the press from illegitimate sources regarding Galaxy S8 details (and other topics) that shouldn’t be leaked in the first place. Some of the leaks are outrageous and lack credibility, and we refrain from providing those leaks to the public because leaking such information can ruin the companies we write about.

Let’s say that Samsung is working on creating a driverless car of its own (there’s little proof of this at this point; it’s just a random example here). We’d do wise to report what all other publications cover, but some things leaked massively are unbelievable and make little sense. We have to weigh out which leaks are legitimate and which aren’t, so that our readers can get the very best information possible. We don’t want to leak information for the sake of leaking information; we want to inform our readers with solid leaks and evidence so as to not pass along juicy rumors for the sake of gaining a popular reputation.

We’ve leaked all that we know about the Galaxy S8, but many Galaxy S8 details that can be assumed for the next Galaxy S phone have already appeared in the Galaxy Note 7. The iris scanner and iris scanner integration with Samsung Pay are two things that can be expected with the Galaxy S8. And yet, there are other surprises that aren’t so predictable. It is to those that we’ll look in the coming days and months.

What would you like to see in the Galaxy S8? Are you interested in buying the handset?


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