Galaxy Tab S3 to debut at IFA 2016

The Galaxy Tab S2 didn’t change all that much from its predecessor, but it was still a nice tablet for those who wanted something thin, light, and full of productivity from the Korean giant whose name lies on all its mobile devices and non-mobile ones, too. Well, IFA 2016 is on the way, and this conference is an international one held in Barcelona, Spain, where the major international tech companies show off what’s next in their lineups.

According to a Samsung Colombia website, Samsung is prepared to show off the Galaxy Tab S3 at some point soon. The site did not tell what consumers can expect, but it did say that there would be “some innovations so far not known.” We don’t know what this means, but it sounds as though the Galaxy Tab S3 will offer something the Tab S2 didn’t. Samsung’s commitment to functionality makes it a rarity in this market, but we’d like to have had some more hints. Of course, hints take away from the excitement, right (or so I’ve been told)? Well, Russian tech journalist Eldar Murtazin has already spoiled it for us, but it’s nice to see Samsung confirm it (straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say).

Samsung currently has other plans related to IFA 2016, and these involve announcing possibly three new versions of the upcoming Gear S3 smartwatch: the Gear S3 Explorer, Gear S3 Frontier, and Gear S3 Classic, with the Frontier model being set aside for those who like to be out and about in the elements. The Gear S3 Classic will piggyback from the success of the Gear S2 Classic and offer a premium option for those who want something a little nicer at the $400 USD price tag. Samsung looks to release a fourth Gear S3 model sometime in March 2017 with fashion designer De GRISOGONO, but there’s been little word on just what to expect from such a device.

Samsung’s latest press invite for IFA 2016 says “let’s talk about 3,” with watch hands in the distance (lending credence to the smartwatch announcement rumor), but it could also be said that the upcoming announcement refers to three smartwatches. Announcing the Galaxy Tab S3 alongside of these three smartwatch models would give tech enthusiasts and diehard Samsung fans something else (outside of “3,” that is) to talk about.


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