Best Games Like Avakin Life

Avakin Life is a virtual game which you could create your own avatar and live your dream life. Through this game, you will be allowed to direct the course and what kind of life you will lead. You could dress your avatar and find love, chat with others and you could even go to parties or organize one.

Though Avakin Life is enjoyable and entertaining, there are also other games you could try and explore.

1. Movie Star Planet

Bored and want to go to another place where you could be anything you want? Through Movie Star Planet, you could be a star, singer, dancer, actor, etc. You could dress your avatar, meet others from other countries and chat with them, meet new friends and play mini games. You could also decorate your own place and invite friends as well.

2. YoVille

If you want to make new friends in the virtual world, YoVille is a perfect game for you. It is a game which provides life-simulation and allows you to be represented by virtual avatars which you could dress up and choose what would it look like. This games comes with ability to decorate your house, add furniture, invite and visit friends.

3. Second Life

This game is for game lovers. Second life is a virtual world simulation and allows multiplayer online. It allows its players to change your appearance once in a while, customize your look, dress up fashionable clothes, etc. This platform has numerous, in fact, it has millions of players which you could interact with.

4. Smeet

This game has integrated all the components you will find in MMO, fantasy and virtual world. Smeet is easy to access. All you have to do is to sign up using your email then you could now create your own character and dress it according to your taste. You will be able to meet friends, decorate, do other activities and play games.

5. Meez

Meez is one of the biggest and largest 3D game where you could create your own avatar and meet other people, find romance, go out on dates and play other mini-games. This game also allows you to have a huge collection of fashionable items which you could use for your profession of your own choice.

6. Oz Online

Oz Online has all the features of Fantasy, Fashion, Social, Virtual World and MMO which will provide you chances of meeting new friends and socialize with them through chat. Members come from all over the world.

7. Habbo

This game could be played by kids who are into virtual world games. This games includes features such as chatting, playing mini-games, socializing and make new friends. You could also impress anyone by dressing your avatar.


Through the creation of your 3D avatar, you will be able to meet new people, have new friends, play and chat with them. You could dress up your own avatar and even impress other players by giving gifts, socialize in parties and hangout with other members of this game.

9. Line Play

This game could be played on your mobile phones. Line Play is a virtual world simulation type of game and is similar to movie star planet where you will be able to meet other players. You could create your own avatar and meet people from all over the world. This game has numerous activities which you could join in.

10. Kingdom Island

This games comes with components of Fantasy, MMO and Virtual world. Its characters are cute and sweet creatures. Through Kingdom Island you could decorate your own home and interact with your friends.

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