Games You Could Play Directly in iMessage

Since the launching of iOS 10, iMessage has never been like it was before. Aside from its users being able to communicate with each other and it being a messaging platform, iMessage has upgraded and developed another feature which everyone will surely enjoy. The messaging platform now also has the ability to let its users play games with each other.

Rather than going or jumping to a separate app to play a game, iMessage makes it simple to play in its app and here are just a few games that you will surely love and enjoy.

1. Four in a Row

This game is a version or an adaptation of the ever classic game, Connect 4. If you’ve got no idea how this game is played, it is pretty simple. All you have to do is to drop yellow or red discs into the grid and aim to get 4 discs of the same color in a row.

Playing Four in a Row requires good strategic abilities as not only you would need to get four discs in a row, you would also need to outwit your opponent by also blocking their attempts to complete 4 discs in a row.

This game is simple to play and easy to learn. However, do not expect too much on its aesthetics as it’s game design is also basic.

2. Fast Thumbs

Fast Thumbs is a free game that involves a battle of speedy fingers. Just like what its name indicates, the game is all about the ability to type with fast speed and with accuracy as well. Each player will be given 10 random phrases to type. The goal of the game is for you to be able to type faster and lesser mistakes than your opponent or friend

Scoring is based on how fast you type and how accurate the phrases that you have typed. The real challenge of this game is the emojis and punctuation marks that you have to type as well.

3. Cobi Hoops

Cobi Hoops is a cute basketball game which allows its players to score by shooting as many balls as they could within 30 seconds. Then after your opponent will try to beat your score.

This game is free and offers its players to unlock extra characters, levels and even play a bonus game for only $2.

4. Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon comes with 22 small games including Chess, 20 Questions, Mini Golf, Sea Battle, Poker and many more. With the wide array of games to choose from in this game, you would surely love downloading and playing all of its mini-games. The only challenge of this game is that it takes time to set up a game with a friend.

5. Words with Friends

Finally, Words with Friends is now available on iMessage. This game is considered as one of the best Scrabble adaptations. The goal of this game is for you to create words and score higher than your opponent. This game allows you to move directly within your messages which would surely save you valuable time.

6. Mr. Putt

Mr. Putt is similar to Mini Golf game. It comes with four locations- Blaze, Frost, Nebula, and Retro. Each location offers different degrees of challenges which matches the theme of each location. Enjoy and play this game for free.

7. Checkmate!

Checkmate! Is a simple chess game which you could play within your iMessage. It is a game that encourages you to enhance and practice your strategic skills. In this game, you will be allowed to play multiple matches with other people all at the same time. In addition to that, you will also be able to sync all your devices and could play where you left off even on a different device.

8. MojiQuest

MojiQuest is quite different from all the games featured in this article. Instead of simple games like chess, golf and the like, it offers a bit more complexity of a social RPG type of game. In this game, you will be able to explore its fantasy land called Moji. You will be able to battle and eradicate monsters and also solve puzzles.

To level up in this game, you will need to unlock equipment and complete quests.


With the new updated and newly developed iMessage, not only you could chat with your friends but you could also deepen your bonding moments by playing games. We hope you have enjoyed trying and playing games that are featured in this article. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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