What Separates a Gaming Laptop From a Traditional Laptop?

Different laptops are designed for different uses, and it’s important that you understand what the differences are when you are buying a new laptop. In recent years, a new breed of high-powered gaming laptops has emerged, providing gamers with enough power to game on the go. 

This new evolution of laptop has become increasingly popular as more gamers are choosing this more portable solution over their bulky desktop counterparts. With a gaming laptop, social events with friends are easier and you can take your gaming with you when you travel. Gaming laptops stand out from their traditional counterparts in a number of unique ways. 

Let’s take a look at some of the major differences between gaming laptops and other machines so you can make the right choice when you’re making your next purchase. 

Advanced Graphic Card

Gaming is undoubtedly graphic intensive, which means gaming laptops need to have a dedicated graphics card to allow HD gaming graphics to run smoothly. With a more powerful graphics card, gamers can enjoy more realistic graphics, landscapes and action when they are playing. Higher capacity graphics cards can also allow for 3D gaming. 

A Lot More RAM

RAM is essential in the performance of any desktop or laptop. Because gaming laptops are running a much higher spec, they need to be equipped with enough RAM to ensure the machine runs as smoothly as possible. While most traditional laptops might have 2GB of RAM, the average gaming laptop will have 4GM or more. Most gaming laptops will also have a dedicated VRAM installed specifically to handle video memory to take performance to the next level. 

Powerful Processor

The power of the processor is crucial in a laptop delivering consistent performance over time. When you are comparing gaming laptops and traditional laptops, one thing that will immediately sand out will be the processor information. While with RAM, for example, there will simply be more of it, when it comes to the processor, it’s a completely different unit. Most traditional laptops are equipped with quad-core processors, which are more than sufficient for normal use. However, for the high demands of gaming high-velocity processors are usually installed to ensure the best speeds possible. 

Screen Real Estate

While portability might be important to gamers, it will never trump screen size. Gaming laptops typically have a wider aspect ratio to provide the player with a more vivid gaming experience. This display is designed to cater to most computer games and, as with all laptops, the screen can be adjusted to give the best angle possible. 

Battery Life Considerations

On average most traditional laptops have a battery life of about five to six hours. Gaming laptops, on the other hand, often have a battery life of ten hours or more, with some machines providing thirteen hours of gaming time on a single charge. While the power demands are much greater in a gaming laptop, they are equipped with a much more powerful battery to cater to these demands. Gamers also don’t want to experience power outages when they are at a crucial point in their game, so this was an important feature that needed to be included in a laptop designed specifically for this demographic. 

Consider Your Needs When Purchasing A New Laptop

While gaming laptops are certainly designed for gamers, they are being used by an increasing number of people outside these circles who need a high-powered portable laptop. If you are not a gamer but you need a robust, fast machine with excellent battery life, a gaming laptop could be a perfect choice. These machines are capable of much more than just gaming and can be a great addition to any home office, helping you to work more productively than you ever thought possible. 

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