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For gamers, a microphone is an important tool to achieve a great gaming experience. In the gaming industry, a microphone is used for communicating with teammates and competitors as well. Though a headset includes a microphone, it is highly suggested to use a standalone microphone since a standalone microphone provides better audio quality. For gamers who would wish to upgrade their gaming experience to a more pleasant, exciting and close to reality feeling experience, we are featuring the best gaming microphones based on budget, style and features which could assist you in choosing the right microphone for you.

Here are our top picks for gaming microphones:

1. Blue Yeti Microphone

blue yeti gaming microphoneBlue Yeti Microphone is popular with its numerous positive reviews and useful features such as the tri-capsule array wherein it has a three condenser capsule that could record any voice at any type of environment. It could adapt to any situation even under large amount of background noise. Even if you speak away from the device itself, it would still be able to do its purpose.

This microphone comes with a mute button, gain control feature and a headphone zero latency output. It also has four pattern modes – Stereo, Cardioid, Omnidirectional and Bidirectional mode which you could choose from for a better recording experience. Moreover, this microphone is very affordable and offers different colors and styles. It is also compatible to major operating systems such as Mac OS and Windows.

2. Blue Yeti Pro USB Condenser

Blue Yeti Pro USB Condenser gaming microphoneOne of the strongest and ideal microphones in the gaming world, Blue Yeti Pro USB also comes with the Tri-Capsule Array that Blue Yeti Microphone has. It integrates four different modes which could help you reduce and adapt to noise background. This microphone could be used for streaming and could use a combination of 23 bit and 192 kHz of digital and analog XLR output.

The blue Yeti Pro USB Condenser includes accessories, stand and cables. It is easy to use with its plug and play feature and it is easy to set up as well with its cable management mount.

3. Audio Technica ATR2500 Cardioid Mic

Audio Technica ATR2500 Cardioid gaming MicCondenser mics are usually in demand in the gaming industry and the Audio Technica ATR2500 is another in demand mic in the market because of its performance and features. In fact, it is a mic that allows streaming, podcasting and recording. Its packaging comes with USB, cable, table top stand, mic mount and lifetime warranty which gives you a worry-free and easy to use mic that has everything you will need.

As for its performance, this microphone ensures it uses cardioids polar pattern while it records. Through the cardioids, background noise is reduced and recording of the primary voice is enhanced. It also comes with an AD converter which allows one to record high quality sounds and its low mass diaphragm provides excellent frequency.

This microphone is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

4. Antlion Audio Modmic Attachable Boom Microphone

Antlion Audio Modmic Attachable Boom game MicrophoneHave you ever experienced of talking into your mic and the one you are conversing with cannot hear you? This situation could be very stressful and finding a good mic such as the Antlion is the best solution. The Antlion Audio Modmic could capture any sound in a superior manner and at the same time discard any background noise. This microphone is compatible with any headphone so all you have to do is attach it and you are good to go.

The Modmic is created with durable materials that make this microphone heavy duty and long lasting. It is packaged with 3M pad for its base clasp, alcohol wipe, five cable clips, guidelines and a carrying case. It is also easy to setup and easy to use. For those who are into multiplayer gaming, this microphone is best for you.

5. Blue Snowball Ice Condenser

Blue Snowball Ice CondenserThe Blue Snowball Ice Condenser is one of the microphones that reduces all the noise surroundings and ensures that your voice is conveyed in a very crystal clear quality. In fact, this microphone comes with a USB audio of 4.1 kHz at 16 bits. This ensures its users will have an enjoyable and clear chatting experience through Skype, Messenger or Facetime. This mic also allows its users to add HD audio recordings to YouTube channels and podcasts.

This microphone is easy to use with its plug and play feature and is compatible with most operating systems such as Mac and Windows. It is also easy to set up with its adjustable stand and arm.

6. Razer Seiren Pro Elite XLR and USB Digital Microphone

Razer Seiren Pro Elite XLR and USB Digital MicrophoneTo experience a great gaming experience, it would be fantastic to have problem, worry and hassle-free usage of gaming equipment and a gaming microphone is not an exemption. One gaming microphone that ensures to have a worry, problem and hassle-free experience is the Razer Seiren Pro Elite XLR and USB Digital Microphone. This microphone produces professional high quality recording audio which could be heard in a very crystal clear audio by any receiver. It uses three 14mm condenser which enables its users to record in high quality. It also has four recording modes which could be adjusted according to your needs.

This microphone also comes with a headphone amplifier with zero latency output and high pass filter switch that ensures it reduces and alienates unwanted noise.

7. Audio Technica AT2020 USB

Audio Technica AT2020 USBThis microphone is known as a professional recording mic that is equipped and is used as a condenser microphone. Its sound is clear and is sensitive to voice recording. It is a microphone that is unidirectional that helps make recording sound professional through its one direction recording system and its alienation of unwanted noise. It also comes with A/D converter with 16 bit and 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate and internal headphone amplifier. Both features produce articulate, high quality crystal clear and excellent sounds.

This microphone operates through USB which makes it easy to install and easy to use.

8. Rode NTG2 Condenser Shotgun Microphone

Rode NTG2 Condenser Shotgun MicrophoneCreated by Australian company, one could not go wrong with Rode NTG2 Condenser Shotgun Microphone. It is highly recommended for professional use such as filming videos, television and gaming as it comes with high quality features such as high frequency response, low noise recording and great audio transparency.

This microphone uses 20Hz- 20kHz which passes one of the requirements for gaming use. It filters noise background which makes gaming experience more enjoyable. Rode NTG2 includes a ten year warranty that makes this microphone worth it.

9. Samson Go Mic Portable Travel USB Condenser Mic

samson gaming micLooking for a microphone that is affordable at the same time offers high quality performance? Samson Go Mic is the best bet. Aside from being cheaper than most gaming microphones, this mic ensures it would not record any unwanted background noise and records voice clearly and loudly. It uses 20 Hz to 18 kHz and 16 bit/44.1 kHz frequency and has switchable pickup patterns which its users could choose from. Hence, through its features that could also be found in expensive microphones, this portable microphone has an edge with its affordability price and top of the line features.

Setting up a Gaming Microphone

1. Choose the type of Microphone

There are three types of microphones for gaming and they are the following:

  • Standing Microphones– These are usually used by professionals as it usually produces high quality audio and it is portable as well. It usually does not require to be near to the source of sound to be able to pick up the voice that it needs to record or to convey to others.
  • Attachment Microphones – this type of microphone is known for its cheaper price and convenience. It is usually attached to headphones but could be detached if needed. The only downside of this type of microphone is since its microphone is located near the mouth; one’s breathing could be heard as well. This type of microphone is recommended for gaming voice chats.
  • Budget Headset Microphones– as with its name, this type of microphone is attached to a gaming headset. It is cheaper than most of the gaming microphones but it also has acceptable audio quality. The downsides however are it does not reduce background noises and audio could sometimes distorted.

2. Test your Microphone

Before using your microphone or even purchasing one, it is recommended that you test it through the following categories:

  • Recording Quality– you will need to ensure that your microphone does not pick up too much background noise. It is also recommended that you check if your voice would sound clear.
  • Adaptability– There are microphones that offer high quality performance only if the source of sound is close to the device. It would be more convenient and comfortable to use if you do not have to worry most of the time if your voice could be heard clearly.
  • Form– If you are live streaming, a huge microphone could be distracting and could make one’s gaming experience less enjoyable.
  • Price– When purchasing a microphone it is best to buy something that is within your budget at the same time is worth the cost.

How to Set up a Gaming Microphone for:


To set up a microphone for X-box, all you have to do is to turn on your X-box then establish a connection between your x-box and microphone. Once you have found a connection, connect and start using it. However, if you will be using a wired headset, you will need to plug your headset to the port at the bottom of the controller. As for wired mic, just plug it into your TV and you are good to go.

Windows 8

For those who are using a Personal Computer (PC) to be able to use a microphone, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Plug the mic
  2. Open manage audio devices tab on your search screen
  3. Find microphone
  4. Enable the microphone and test if your mic is working.


For Mac users, you will need a headphone socket. Once you have it all you have to do is plug in and connect.

Our Recommendations:

Though we have listed the best microphones in the market that could suit your needs and taste, we have our three favorites and top recommendations and they are the following:

  1. Our Top Pick – The Blue Yeti Microphone
  2. Premium Choice- The Blue Yeti Pro USB Condenser Mic
  3. Great Value- The Audio Technica ATR2500

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