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Download GarageBand for PC – Windows XP/7/8

GarageBand 6.0.5 is a must-have app for musicians who want to bring their career further. It is a great tool to create your own music and to make the most out of your talent and inspiration. While it was originally designed specifically for Apple, Windows users can now enjoy all the benefits that Garage band offers. The application supports the features that you need to get your music to the next level. It offers great functionality and you can download it for free. Alternatively, you can check out some Garageband alternatives. Here is what you can get from GarageBand.

What does GarageBand offer?

Music composers and DJs around the world rely on GarageBand to create unique pieces or to add their own touch to existing tracks. The program features equalizers, synthesizers and also works with external instruments, which can be connected via USB, giving you more options to write and produce songs. GarageBand offers practical features and an interface that is clear and user friendly. It work seamlessly, letting you create and record music fast and with ease.

GarageBand is ideal for beginners and it includes a lesson section that will help you to learn what you need to polish your skills. There is also a convenient guide that takes you through every function of the software and lets you know how it works. This is a great support for those who are just getting started and it gives them the possibility of advancing in their craft.

How to get GarageBand for PC

In order to get GarageBand for PC for free, you can follow the steps listed in the below guide.

Downloading GarageBand is easy and once you have it installed, you will be able to start using it immediately. You just need to go to: and then click the green download button to start downloading the program.

Once the application has been downloaded, you will see a small screen with a blue bar asking you to click to begin the installation. After clicking, a screen will appear, asking you to complete a short survey. After you finish the survey, you will be prompted to begin the download. Click save and select where you want to save the program and that is all. The download takes only one minute and then all you need to do is to click launch and GarageBand will open and you can start to use it.

How to install and use GarageBand on Windows XP, 7 and 8

Once you have downloaded GarageBand on your computer, you can start enjoying its features to enhance your music. In the home screen, you will find a list showing the options available. The tabs included are Learn to Play, New Project, Lesson Store, Magic Garage Band and Recent Projects. Selecting these tabs allow you to start a new task or to continue working on a project that you have already started. The home screen also displays icons of all the features that you can choose to create music. These include: electric guitar, keyboard, piano, acoustic instruments, voice, songwriting, podcasts, loops and movies. GarageBand allows you to work on anything you may such as tracks, live broadcasts, live broadcasts, full-length videos and more.


The instruments offer a realistic, clear and high-quality sound, plus the synthesizers allow you to mix and adjust the track as your prefer. The program offers digital or analog synthesizers, each of them offers a selection of functions like richness, glide, cut-off and others. They allow you to get richer and more varied sounds, plus GarageBand can also improve or adjust velocity, duration and pitch of vocal notes, using MIDI files.

The Lesson section is one of the highlights of GarageBand as it gives users the possibility of learning how to complete different tasks such as playing, recording, editing and more. It features easy to follow guides and you can also download free Basic Lessons or purchase Artist Lessons. The lessons have a virtual teacher that will show you what to do, making things easier. The visual guide will allow you to know where and how to place your hand when playing piano or guitar.

The basic lessons have a generic teacher, while the artists lessons show recognized singers/songwriters (such as Sting and Sarah McLachlan) as the teachers. This gives users a great chance to learn from their favorite artists, making the learning process more entertaining.


With GarageBand 6.0.5, musicians can put their talent to work, relying on convenient features that facilitate the creative process. It is easy to use, fun and will suit anyone who wants to learn and to produce their own music. GarageBand works well and it is a good option in the same category as Avid Pro Tools and Audacity.

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