GermGuardian Air Purifier Review

With our surroundings becoming more polluted day by day and with the invisible to the eye pollens entering homes, an air purifier is a great and useful product to have in every home.

An air purifier was created to trap unwanted germs and allergens that usually pose threat to one’s health and with numerous air purifiers sold in the market, it is a bit difficult to choose one that would best suit one’s needs. However, through our research and this article, we will narrow down your choices to four best air purifiers of GermGuardian.

GermGuardian is a well-known brand that offers a variety of air purifiers and is a brand that has produced top of the line purifier products. They even have taken one step forward in innovating their products by creating air purifiers that could destroy unwanted particles through an internal Ultraviolet-C light.

GermGuardian’s air purifiers come in different sizes and designs. Their designs are sleek and classy that would perfectly fit in any room. Moreover, you will not have to worry about your electric bill as GermGuardian air purifiers are energy savers. Their popular air purifiers- AC4300, AC4825, AC5300B and AC5350B come with variable speed fan and low wattage light bulb which contribute to the energy saver feature.

Similarities and Differences between GermGuardian’s AC4300, AC4825, AC5300B and AC5350B

Filtration and Speed


AC4300, AC4825, AC5300B and AC5350B are made of antimicrobial materials and have the same high quality filtration technology. The filtration technology of these four air purifiers are considered as HEPA filters that trap about 99.97% bacteria, viruses and airborne irritants. Each model, aside from a primary filter, has a pre-filter that protects the HEPA filter.

This pre-filter system is known as a secondary filter that captures larger particles such as dust, hair, etc. It keeps the primary filter, true-HEPA filter clog free and it also kills foul odors with its activated carbon layer.

Another feature that all four air purifiers have is the ultraviolet- C light which comes from a tiny light bulb that could be seen behind the true-HEPA and secondary filters. Aside from the filters, this feature kills and neutralizes all germs.


The main difference between these air purifiers is the speed of fans. Each and every model has its own variable speed fan that produces clean air. AC4300, AC4825 and AC5300B have three speed fan settings while AC5350B has five settings.

Size and Efficiency


All four models are space savers with its tower style slim version. They have a case housing that has sturdy base and could be put anywhere you wish to.


Though all four models have the tower like design, they still differ in shape. The AC4300, AC5300B and AC5350B all have square edges, are in color black and glossy finishing while the AC4825 is a bit rounded and has a matte black finish.

As for their sizes, AC4300 and AC4825 are smaller sizes, they measure about 22 inches in height and base of 48 square inches and 71 square inches respectively. AC5300B and AC5350B however are bigger and measures about 28 inches in height and 61 square inch for their base.

For energy consumption, AC4300 has about 52watts consumption and AC530B has the highest electricity consumption with about 57watts.

CADR and Coverage


There is a light indicator for all GermGuardian air purifiers. This indicator gives signs that you would need to replace your HEPA filter or UV-V bulb.


Some models are created for smaller spaces. The AC4300 and AC4825 are made for cozy areas such as bedroom or home office while the AC5300B and AC5350B are for huge rooms such as den or master bedroom.

As for clean air delivery rates (CADR), AC4300 has a rate of 116 and AC4825 comes with a maximum rate of 125 while AC5300B and AC5350B both have higher rates than the other two smaller models.

Furthermore, their control panels are also different. If you want simple buttons for fan and UV-C light, we suggest you go for AC4825. However, if you are more into the high-tech and speedy type, then go with AC5350B.

Our Recommendations:

If you are looking for an air purifier for an average or small sized room, we highly recommend either the AC4300 or AC4825. Both AC4300 and AC4825 are shorter than the other two models but they are also easy to operate and use with its electrical control panel and three speed fan.

For larger spaces, AC5300B and AC535OB are perfect fit for your needs. Both are similar in height and has more than 3 fan speeds to choose from. It also has a touch panel and a timer.

Nevertheless, whatever model you choose, all we could say is you will not go wrong as long as you go with this brand, GermGuardian. All four models come with HEPA filter and Carbon layered pre-filter. They also have UV-C light that ensures it captures and destroys harmful pollutants.

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