Get $100 off the HTC 10 with this promo code

The HTC 10 may be your favorite phone, but there’s no denying that you’ll pay a pretty penny for it currently: it’s $699 full retail, though you can get the phone on a 12-month installment plan if you qualify (and spend $58.25 a month for 12 months). Unlike the LG G5 combo that gives you the unlocked LG G5, 360 camera, and VR headset for $750 combined, there is no bundle deal for the HTC 10 just yet.

While there are no bundle deals, seeing that it just went on sale today, there is an instant savings on the phone that was also released just moments after the announcement: you can get the device for a full $100 off the original price. Your total price would drop from $699 to $599 with the use of a code. What is that code? HTC1008. When ordering your new phone from, be sure to use the code in bold font in this paragraph and watch the price of your new favorite phone drop. $600 is still a hefty sum, but it’s a little lighter than $700. And for some, that $100 could make all the difference in the world. You may be able to buy both a case and screen protector for the HTC 10 with that $100 saved.

Well, don’t let us stop you. Head on over and claim your new HTC 10 today. Come back and let us know you purchased it, which color you purchased, and what you’re excited to experience with your new phone. Also, for those who need to have a look before buying, take a look at our HTC 10 photo gallery (and even grab the new HTC 10 wallpapers).


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