Get the LG G5, 360 Camera, and 360 VR headset together for $749.99

The LG G5 has had some decent first impressions, though the handset is not without its problems. One of these, apart from its okay but not great battery life, concerns the prices of the 360 Camera and the 360 VR headset. Each of these modules (yes, the G5 is a modular handset) costs $199.99 each, and, when added to the price of the LG G5 smartphone, equals nothing under $1000 (over $1000, when you count taxes). Compared to getting a 128GB iPhone 6s Plus for the same price, however, the LG G5 and its “Friends” are a steal. And yet, some individuals still don’t want to pay $1,000 for any handset or handset combo — whether for necessity or leisure reasons.

Well, if you’ve been dying to get the LG G5 but don’t want to pay through the roof for it, B&H Photo has you covered. The online retailer has an LG G5 Bundle that we’re sure will blow you away: yes, you can get the LG G5, the 360-degree camera, and the 360 VR headset (yes, the virtual reality headset) for a combined price of — get this! — $749.99. All three items can be bought together for just $750. It’s an incredible deal. B&H Photo says that you’re saving $300 instantly on this LG G5 Bundle deal.

Though B&H Photo has the most impressive LG G5 Bundle deal we’ve seen, you’ll have to remember that the bundle is only available for pre-order at the moment. Next, the LG G5 Bundle won’t be available until May 2016, so you’ll have to wait at least three weeks or more before you can get your hands on it (three weeks is a small time for someone who won’t look at any phone other than the LG G5). The LG G5 provided in this bundle is unlocked, meaning that it’s completely compatible with GSM carriers AT&T and T-Mobile here in the US. The device is compatible with some CDMA carriers (examples are Sprint and Verizon), though B&H says you’ll need to check with your intended carrier before purchasing the handset.

This is the most impressive LG G5 pricing we’ve seen yet, and it’s likely to be the most impressive price for all three of these devices from LG. If you’ve yet to find a deal like this and really want a deal worth bragging about, head on over to the B&H link below to pre-order this bundle. The LG G5 is one of the top devices of 2016, and any deal that lets you “meet new friends on the playground,” as LG says, is a deal worth taking up.

Are you interested in this LG G5 bundle? Ready to try out LG’s new 360 VR headset?


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