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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Apple TV Subscription

Apple TV is a sleek hardware and software combination that essentially upgrades a regular TV into a smart device. It also offers a load of interesting and original programming, such as Severance and The Morning Show. So, it’s no wonder people are interested in finding out more about how to watch what’s on Apple TV. With that in mind, here is how to get the most out of your Apple TV. 


Some streaming services available on Apple TV make use of something known as geo-blocking. Geo-blocking is the prevention of media access on a region-by-region basis. Luckily, it is very easy to download an Apple TV VPN. Virtual Private Networks – or VPNs for short – allow you to reroute your IP address by running requests through a remote server of your choice. This means that you can select the region you wish to appear to be browsing from to access geo-blocked content from all around the world. 

Make Use Of Siri

Apple hardware users are, by now, used to talking to their humble servant: Siri. Siri is an advanced AI interface that can be controlled using the human voice. She (It?) is immensely useful for controlling your Apple TV. The remote provided with the service contains a small microphone. Call Siri while near the remote and she will be at your beck and call – allowing you to find programs hands-free. 

Use An iPhone As A Remote

There is good news for people who are constantly misplacing their Apple TV remote! You can now use your iPhone as a remote. All you need to do is head over to the App Store and get Apple’s remote app. After a very brief setup, you should be able to use your mobile phone as a perfectly good remote. In many ways, the iPhone is better suited to being a remote than the hardware provided when you buy Apple TV. The Apple TV remote is small and awkward – possessing poor ergonomics. The iPhone, on the other hand, was designed with ergonomics in mind. Apple has recently placed a great emphasis on ergonomic design – even featuring ergonomics heavily in their advertising campaigns

Disable The TV App

Apple recently released an integrated TV app, which automatically starts up as soon as your Apple TV is turned on. While this app is passable, it is not very useful if your main goal is to use Netflix or Disney Plus. Disable the TV app to save you from having to exit it every time you turn on your Apple TV. Go to Settings. Select remotes and devices and then go to the home button selection menu to get your old home screen back. 

Use Airplay 

The airplay feature on your iPhone or Mac will allow you to connect to your Apple TV for the streaming of music and other audio media. When you are using an app such as Spotify or Apple Music, tap the familiar airplay symbol to connect to any compatible devices in the area. Your Apple TV should be one of these devices. This allows you to use your TV speakers to play music – useful if you do not have a HIFI or Bluetooth speaker to hand at home. 

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