Best Gifts for Rock Climbers and Boulderers

For those who have friends, special someone or family who are into rock climbing and bouldering, it would be difficult to find them gifts if you do not know anything about climbing. But, fret not, as we understand your struggle and through this article, we will list a few suggest which you could choose from.

Climbing Shoes and Clothing

1. Climbing Pants – Prana Stretch Zion Pants

The Prana stretch zion pants is a women’s version and is the best option for climbing pants. It is designed with the intention to resist stress and wear and tear of climbing and bouldering. It is stretchy, breathable and durable.

2. Shoes – Five Ten Guide Tennie (Women’s Version)

Another important garment for rock climbers and boulderers are approach shoes. Approach shoes are hybrid of hiking and climbing shoes and the best shoes we would suggest is the Five Ten Guide Tennie. It is one of the high quality climbing gear brand. It is known to be durable, lightweight and supportive.

3. Outdoor Research Ferrrosi Hoody (Women’s Version)

A best friend of a climber during cooler months, a jacket is a must specially to those who often climb outdoors. The Ferrosi Hoody is perfect in keeping climbers warm during fall and spring. if your climber still does not have a jacket, he or she will love this gift.

Climbing Gear

4. Belay Device- Petzl GriGri 2

The Petzl GriGri is a device for rope climbing. Climbers rave about this device because it assists them belay better. The GriGri has a breaking feature which will automatically break your fall whenever your belayer can’t. It would lock you in place and prevent you from flying, slipping or falling.

5. Chalk Bag- Arc’teryx Aperture Chalk Bag

Another necessity for a rope climbing is a chalk bag and the best suggestion would be the Arc’teryx Aperture. This is chalk bag is made of high quality and is known to be very ideal and perfect for rope climbers. However, just a note, this product is not good for bouldering.

When purchasing this for your climber, though, ensure that they do not have this yet as this product is something every climber has.

6. Chalk Bucket- Organic Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket

This device is a bouldering version of chalk bag. It is called a bucket because it is larger than the normal chalk bag. It is made of organic materials which makes it a high quality product. The organic material also allows you to customize the colors on your chalk bucket. This is definitely one great present you could give.

7. Mammut Infinity Rope

This is another product for rope climbers. The Mammut Infinity Rope is perfect for those who does not have their own climbing rope or for those who needs to replace their own ropes. The Mammut Infinity Rope is known for its durability and it being lightweight. This brand is very popular and top of the line climbing rope.

8. Crash Pad- Mad Rock R3

For bouldering, this crash pad, Mad Rock R3 would protect your climber from falls. These crash pads are similar to portable mattresses and is important for those who boulders outside. It is said to be a life saver device. This would be another top rated gift you could give.

Climbing Training Products

9. Training Book: The Rock Climber’s Training Manual

The Rock Climber’s training manual is one best gift you could give to a rock climber or boulderers who are into serious training to improve their skill. This book is one of the essentials for those who would like to know more knowledge on how to get stronger and improve at climbing.

10. Hangboard- Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center

Hangboards are devices to help climbers strengthen their fingers. The Rock Prodigy Training Manual is best for both climbers and boulderers. Just one tip before purchasing this as a gift, you have to ensure that the recipient of your gift has a place to put it in their house or apartment.

11. Climbing holds- Metolius Foundation Hold Set

This is perfect for those who would like to have their own climbing wall. The Metolius Foundation Hold Set has a great kit with different types of handhold and footholds.

Climbing Accessories

12. High Quality Chalk- Fictionlabs chalk

All climbers and boulderers need to carry their own chalk bag because they need to use as many chalk as they could for them to be able to grip rocks or the wall better. The Fictionlab is the best climbing chalk in the market and every climber loves this brand.

13. Climbing Brush- Lapis Boar’s Hair Climbing Brush

Climbing places could get chalky and when this happens, the excess chalk can cause one to slip and to prevent this, using the Lapis Boar could easily remove the chalk easily without damaging the rock. This product and brand is another top option for gifts.

14. Callus Treatment- Pumice Stone

Most climbers’ hands are rough and callused and what better gift you could give to take care of their hands? Yes, that is correct, the Pumice Stone is a great help in removing those dead and callused skin.

15. Climbing Salve- Climbon Lotion Bar

This is another gift you could include together with the Pumice Stone. It is a climbing salve which in layman’s term, climbing balm. This is important to help making and maintaining the skin healthy and strong. It moisturizes and heals dead and torn skin.

16. Guidebook to their Favorite Climbing Area

For those who rope climb and boulders outside, these climbers need to know the routes where to climb and for them to have that knowledge, it is best to give them guidebooks that would describe the location of each route that is crucial.

17. Climbing Movie: Valley Uprising

What best to motivate a climber? A movie and the best suggestion would be Valley Uprising. This movie is about the history of Yosemite climbing who won numerous film awards.

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