Gmail to provide encrypted email alerts in coming months

Google has been working hard at mobile security, with the search engine giant promising to deliver monthly security updates for Nexus devices, in addition to the promises of out-of-the-box data encryption with Android Lollipop and now Android Marshmallow. At the same time, however, most users encounter hackers and compromised websites via email, as hackers and web attackers use email attachments by which to send ransomware messages (that hold your accounts hostage until you pay a fee), viruses, or malware. Google, as a result, is working to make Gmail even better than before, with encrypted email alerts and warnings for unencrypted emails.

As with a number of warnings, Google’s new Gmail measure will bring up “popup” warnings about opening unencrypted emails before users make the mistake of opening something that can do irreparable harm to their email, accounts, and personal information. Of course, Google has come to enforce encryption standards for high-ranking websites on Google, with “http” giving way to “https” for encryption. Google has stated without regret that websites that are not encrypted and do not enforce “https” will have their search engine ranking reduced compared to websites that do in an effort to protect users and their web browsing activities.

Google’s efforts to make Gmail messages more encrypted than ever before includes the growth of encrypted Gmail messages between 2013 and 2015, the growth of TLS encryption between Gmail and non-Gmail recipients from 60% to 80% over the same period, as well as authentication for 94% of inbound messages to Gmail.


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