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How to Go Back in Time On Google Earth and Google Maps

Traveling back in time seems to be true just in the Hollywood world and going back in time to fix things in the past seems to only make sense and possible in movies and not in real life. However, with Google Earth and Google Maps, going back in time is achievable virtually. One way that could make this happen is through a timelapse experience that both Google Maps and Earth could provide.

Change years in Google Maps and Earth

The first step for you to be able to go back in time and relive the past, you will need to download Google Earth Pro Since it is not possible to change years in your mobile app and on Google Earth online tool. Unfortunately, this goes with Google Maps too. Hence, you cannot use Google maps mobile app for timelapse.

How to go back in time on Google Earth

1. Launch Google Earth Pro on your computer or laptop.

2. Search for the place or city you would want to view in timelapse.

3. To be able to view better, zoom into the map using magnifying tool or the mouse wheel on the right side of the screen.

4. From the toolbar, go and click view. This could be found on top portion.

5. Select Historical Imagery for you to be able to view historical satellite images of the earth.

6. Once you see a slider appear on the top left corner of the map, move the slider backwards to move back in time.

7. As you move the slider, the map will load it according to the particular time period.

8. To go to a particular date and time in the past, click on the tool icon found on the slider.

9. Once a new window opens, change the date and time

10. Tap ok

11. Once you are done, click the x icon to get out of historical imagery.

Through Google Earth, you could not, unfortunately, go back in time earlier than 1945 but this is not for all the places as it all depends on the availability of the historical satellite images.

Timelapse on Google Maps

Though Google Maps does not have any feature like Google Earth’s Historical Imagery where you will be able to see images from a course of time, Google Maps could still provide timelapse through its street view feature.

Its street view feature are images that have been taken from Google’s camera mounted cars driving down the streets of every corner of the world. Take note, however, that this feature will and could only bring you to the day that it was first launched in 2007.

1. Open Google Maps, on your computer’s browser.

2. Search a place of your preference on the search bar found on the top left corner

3. Click on it

4. Drag and drop the street view man found on the bottom right portion of the screen to a particular point on the map.

5. This will enable you to explore all street view everywhere

6. Once you are on the street view screen, you will see an address tab on top left corner of the screen. Click down arrow to go back in time.

7. Move the slider and stop on a particular time period and see how the street used to look like at that time. You could also click on the magnifying glass icon for you to be able to view the street on full screen.

8. Click on the x icon found on the top right side of the screen to exit street view mode.

Take note that there are some parts of the world where this feature is not available.


Let us know how your journey back in time went. Google is a company we definitely we should be thankful for, for inventing cool tools that allows us to experience the past. We hope that Google would continue to develop and introduce such tools to educate, inculcate and immerse us with our past and history.

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