Google aiming for Twitter acquisition

Twitter hasn’t been doing all that well in the last few months. Nearly every week, Twitter has been doing something to encourage people to download and use the service, with the company most recently extending its 140-character count so that users can make the most of it, not to mention encouraging users to be more “talkative” on the site. With all of the effort put into making Twitter a more “used” service, it’s obvious that Twitter is looking to make its service more palatable. Now, we’re hearing that a Twitter acquisition may be in the works for the social media service.

According to CNBC, who first leaked the report, “Twitter’s board of directors is said to be largely desirous of a deal, according to people close to the situation, but no sale is imminent. There’s no assurance a deal will materialize, but one source close to the conversations said that they are picking up momentum and could result in a deal before year-end.”

In addition to the Twitter acquisition, it’s said that Google is in the forefront of talks to acquire it, meaning that Google’s got some plans in store for a larger social media network. The search engine giant already has Google+ as a social media network, though some seem to think it’s a “ghost town” (that depends on whom you ask, however). Google isn’t the only company participating in the Twitter acquisition: Salesforce and other tech companies are involved, though it appears as though Google and Salesforce are the more well-known of the companies interested.

The Twitter acquisition is just another sign that companies are finding it hard to raise funds and stay afloat these days, that the consumer market can prove cutthroat for companies that don’t continue to keep user interest. It’s all too easy to start a company these days and get followers for the service, but even harder to keep them.


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