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Google Assistant Tricks You Should Know and Try

Google Assistant is one of the best virtual assistant nowadays. May it be on your phone, smart displays, smart speakers, smart TV or other kinds of devices. Yes, there are other virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Bixby, but we could say nothing comes close nor do they stand a chance with Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is very reliable, powerful and versatile virtual assistant even if it is not used at its full potential. Just imagine how much powerful it could get when we could fully utilize it. Though most users are familiar with its functions such as getting translations, acquiring information or data, playing games with it, there are a lot more useful tips and tricks that are still undiscovered by many. Through this article, we are featuring 15 new tips and tricks you should know and try with your Google Assistant.

1. Select Your Favorite Google Assistant Voice

Google Assistant’s default voice is of a female’s and with an American accent. Fortunately, for those who are bored with Google Assistant’s voice, you could change her voice and choose between a voice of a man or woman with different accents. To do this, all you have to do is to go to Settings then to Preferences and then choose Assistant Voice. Select your preferred voice and accent.

2. Get Summary of Your Day

Those who usually have Google Assistant, the first thing they usually do before they leave their homes is they get their daily briefing from Google Assistant. Google Assistant provides information about traffic, weather and all the tasks you will need to accomplish for the day. This feature does not need to be setup. All one has to do is say “Hi Google, good morning.” And Google will convey all the relevant information you will need for the day. Take note, you will have to sync your events with Google Calendar.

3. Identify Songs

One of the most frustrating things that music lovers experience is not being able to identify the title of a song that they have heard. This will no longer be your problem with Google Assistant. All you have to do is say “OK, Google, identify this song”. After a few seconds, Google will provide you the answer that you are seeking.

4. Create and Access Shopping Lists

Google Assistant could also make your grocery shopping easy. All you have to do is to add your shopping items on your shopping list by just saying “OK Google, add milk, bread, sugar to my

shopping list” and if you want to access your shopping list, all you have to do is say” Hey Google, show my shopping list.” and it will just do what you have said.

5. Unlock Phone, Launch Apps and Manage Quick Toggles

Google Assistant could also unlock your phone and even launch apps. Just set up your phone by opening the Settings app and go to Smart Lock. Then, go to Voice Match or Trusted Voice. Enable Unlock with Voice Match option. Once you have set it up, Google Assistant will unlock your phone right away as soon as you say your magic words. Aside from that, you will also be able to tell Google assistant to launch any app you wish to access just say “Hey Google, launch Netflix”.

6. Listen to Your Favorite Podcasts

Google Assistant has another added ability and it is to play podcasts. This feature could remember the last played and where it had stop. Thus, you could play your podcast at the exact spot where you stopped or left off. You will also be able to skip forward and backward just say your command and Google Assistant will do your bidding.

7. Get Currency and Unit Conversions

If you are traveling a lot or doing business using different currencies, this function will come in handy. All you have to do is say “Hey Google, covert (amount and currency) to (amount and currency).” If you wish to convert to dollars, you will have to say the type of dollar like- Canadian or Australian dollars, etc. Aside from that, Google Assistant could also convert unit conversions like Pounds to Kilograms, etc.

8. Use Google Lens

Google Assistant has Google Lens support built in. Through it, you will be able to copy text, identify different plants and animals, discover books and search products on the web. You will also be able to scan codes and a lot more.

9. Use Location-Based Reminders

This function comes in handy specially for those who have a lot on their plate. It is a location based reminder and an example of this is “Hey Google, remind me to (insert reminder) when I reached home.”

10. Be Updated On Your Favorite Sports

Google Assistant could also keep you updated on live scores of your favorite teams. All you have to do is say “Hey Google, give me NBA/EPL standings” or any sports you wish to know.

11. Control Chromecast, Smart Home Devices and Android TV

Another helpful function that Google Assistant has is its ability to help you control your Chromecast, smart home device or even your Android TV. Just command your wish and it will bid your command. “Hey Google, Play YouTube”, “Hey Google, Turn on the living room’s light.”

12. Set up Routines to Automate Tasks

Through Routines, you will be able to automate your tasks. All you have to do is to setup a list of the things you will need to do and your Google Assistant will perform a chain of actions just with one command of yours.

13. Use Multiple Languages to Speak to Google Assistant

This function is a new addition. It allows Google Assistant to understand multiple languages at the same time. This function comes in handy specially for families who are bilingual. This function supports languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish and many more.

14. Get Good News from Google Assistant

Whenever you watch the news, all you will hear and see are all bad news. We know this gets tiring. Hence, you will be delighted to hear good news and stories from all over the world through Google Assistant. All you have to do is to say “Hey Google, tell me something good.”

15. Make Use of the Explore Tab

If you wish to enjoy more tips and tricks of Google Assistant, you will be able to do so by just going to the Explore tab. To do this, tap on the icon found on the top-right of the assistant page. In it you will find a list of numerous features of Google Assistant.


Most tips and tricks found in this article are those that are usually needed to be used on a daily basis. If you wish to find more tips, as mentioned above, visit the Explore Tab and try out its other functions.

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