Google expected to launch two new Nexus smartphones in 2015

According to a source, Google is planning to launch two new Nexus phones this year. The source further claims that both Nexus devices are smartphones and there are no signs of a new Nexus tablet to released anytime this year.

Two new alleged Nexus devices come from two different OEMs. One of the new Nexus smartphones is manufactured by LG, codenamed LG Angler, features a 5.2 inch display. The other device, manufactured by Huawei and codenamed Bullhead, will feature a 5.7 inch display. Both Nexus phones are mentioned by the source with a confidence rating of 7/10 meaning that there is high possibility that this is indeed true.

This will be the first time for Google to release two new Nexus phones within a same calendar year if the news is true. Launching two Nexus devices with different screen sizes means that Google is trying to do exactly what Apple did with its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Offering the choice between a smaller screen Nexus phone and a larger screen Nexus phone, Google plans to get the attention of a wider audience in the market. Currently, Nexus 6 features a 6 inch screen which puts it in the phablet category. Not everyone is comfortable with such large display.

Details about the upcoming two new Nexus phones are still not clear. According to some rumors, LG’s Nexus phone will feature Snapdragon 808 processor with 2700mAh battery unit while the Huawei’s Nexus phone will be based on Snapdragon 810 and will feature a 3500mAh battery unit. As for the Nexus tablet, there is nothing in the works for this year and Nexus 9 will remain Google’s flagship Nexus tablet for the rest of the 2015.

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