Google Glass 2 set to release in 2015

Google Glass that was launched by Google is still the only competitor in the market though since the time Google launched Google Glass its publicity has gradually decreased over the years rather than increasing. No one is interested in Google Glass anymore including both Explorer and software developers that were working on Google Glass and those who have it are trying to get rid of the device.

Now we have been hearing that Google is working on a second generation of Google Glass, the Google Glass 2 and if Google wants to succeed then they would have to introduce something more interesting and unique than the first generation of Google Glass. One of the interested thing about the second generation of Google Glass is that it will be powered by an Intel SOC. Some new design images of the second generation of Google Glass were also seen on the internet showing a narrow form factor of the device, which would make it easier to wear and even lighter to carry.

The new design also shows that there is no longer an overhanging casing on the left side of the device while the front eye peace also seems smaller than the current Google Glass, but we have yet to see if Google would be able to maintain the design while also adding all the hardware and functionality.

The other reason why we think Google might have failed with their Google Glass is the over pricing of the device which is a lot more for what the device should actually cost, it would have been better if the device was sold for the same price that other wearable tech are being sold like smartwatches.

Hopefully we will soon be able to see the actual product from Google with a price that won’t be as expensive as the current Google Glass is.

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