Google Inbox gets Smart Reply email function

Have you ever received an email with a question, only to find that you’re too busy at the moment to answer back? Well, there was once a time when you’d mark an email as “new” to answer or reply to it later. Google’s Inbox email app is set to receive a new Smart Reply feature that will help reduce those “answer later” emails.

The new Inbox Smart Reply feature will feature a series of responses in blue at the bottom of an email display. In one particular case, there could be three responses: 1) “I don’t sorry”; 2) “I will have to look for it”; and 3) “I’ll send it to you.” As you can see, these responses are clear-cut answers to the question about software documentation (“do you have any software documentation?”), and demonstrate the ability of Smart Reply to answer questions within email as intelligently as possible.

Google’s Inbox email app is established with the intent to make life more productive with less email clutter, so we’re not surprised to see Smart Reply come to Inbox instead of Gmail. We don’t know the motivation Google has behind Inbox and why the company chooses to let both Inbox and Gmail co-exist; in all honesty, it would be nice to see Inbox prevail and Smart Reply become a common email feature for all Android OS/service users.

When life has you on the go, the last thing you have time to do is stop and answer emails in full detail. The Inbox Smart Reply option will give you the ability to answer emails on the go without ceasing whatever else it is that needs your attention.

Inbox Smart Reply


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