Google launches “Google Store” a new online marketplace to sell its devices

Google has launched a new online marketplace called Google Store where it will sell its hardware products which was previously being sold at Google Play store. The announcement was made in an official blog post by Google stating that the new online store is focused on selling products ‘Made with Google’.

The Google Store is a new marketplace for Google products where people can buy company’s devices like Nexus smartphones and tablets, Chromebook laptops and Chromecast streaming devices etc. The online store will also sell devices from companies acquired by Google for example it will also sell devices like Nest thermostat etc.

Google previously tried adopting the same approach when it launched the first Nexus phone in 2010, it launched a similar dedicated online store for Google products where people can buy phones but later moved the Nexus smartphones sales to Google Play stores and outside retailers. But, as outlined in the official blog post, Google now has more products in its family so it wanted to provide a platform where people can buy these devices easily.

Apple has been following this approach for a long time. Apple has maintained separate online stores for selling music, apps, movies and other such services via the iTunes App store and the music store while the Apple products like iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs are sold on a separate website.

Google Store also sells accessories for its products from authorized manufacturers. Google said that it will offer free shipping on products bought directly from its new store for limited time. As for people who recently purchased any device from Google Play store, their order information will be transferred to the new Google Store.

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