Google offers free overnight shipping at the Google Store through December 22nd

Christmas is right around the corner, in just seven days to be exact, and with the event on its way, we can’t talk about it without talking about presents. The tech lover in you has been eyeing the Moto 360 (first or second-generation), a Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X, or even an HTC Nexus 9, but you hate paying for shipping. Well, now you can get your wish — free shipping — and overnight, too.

That’s the word from Google at the Google Store, as the company now has a promo banner at its site with the words, “Free overnight shipping; what’s better than free shipping? Free overnight shipping – on everything.” This applies to all items you order from the Google Store, not just the latest phones or the HTC Nexus 9. Google has also discounted the first-generation Moto 360 at the Google Store from the original price of $299.99 when it was first announced to just $99.99 now. The smartwatch has sold out, and many of those individuals have enjoyed the free overnight shipping offer that Google has made public.

Everything from smartwatches, to smartphones, to accessories, is all part of the free overnight shipping deal. With 7 days until Christmas, head on over to the Google Store and take advantage of this free express offer. It’s not everyday that you get what you want.


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