Google owns the alphabet, no longer just a company name

Google has spun into Alphabet, its new conglomerate name, in recent weeks. Now, Google has purchased a domain to match the parent company’s new name: the domain is, literally, the alphabet.

Google acquired the domain in recent weeks, although no one knows when the company acquired it. Automobile company BMW owns the site, and Google couldn’t purchase the BMW-owned site (unfortunately). We’re not sure what the search engine giant intends to do with the site, but we’re sure that Google made find some useful purpose for the site – even if it’s just to provide a new blog for the company’s projects and undertakings, or to allow its umbrella companies such as Nest and Google, among others, to reach customers.

It could also be the case that Google intends to do nothing with the site but wants to purchase it to prevent someone else from exploiting the “Alphabet” name. It is rather clever of Google, though. After all, Mountain View is the search engine giant who’s known for its search engine, and, as ruler of all search engines in years past, the company knows how to use searches to its benefit.

The Google alphabet acquisition was first reported by Domain Investing.


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