Google Pixel renders surface, screen sizes

We’ve known for some weeks now that the new 2016 Google phones would bear the “Pixel” name instead of the tried-and-true NEXUS label. We’ve even seen renders of the Google Pixel phones that bear marks of HTC design with some of Google’s own demands (such as a back-mounted fingerprint scanner; even the HTC 10 has a front-mounted fingerprint sensor beneath the display). A lot of attention has been given to the back of the device, but we now have some front display renders to show that tell us that these devices will have some size to them.

New images provided by tech site One By Tech (and courtesy of GizmoChina) show wide displays that clearly indicate both will be at least 5 inches across. The Google Pixel phone will have a 5-inch screen, whereas the Google Pixel will have a 5.5-inch display. The 5.5-inch display spec was leaked numerous weeks ago and was always the screen size for the Google Pixel collection. The screen sizes haven’t changed at all, but it’s interesting to see that Google doesn’t plan on returning to the 5.7-inch display size as was formerly the case with the Nexus 6P (2015). We don’t know why, except to say that Google wants these devices to be good and comfortable to hold in the hand. A 5.7-inch screen is definitely a monster of a screen, and not everyone has extremely large hands.

The renders give us little else to go on (though we’ve seen the back’s design in real life), but we know from earlier reports that the Google Pixel XL will have a Quad HD, 1440p resolution while the Google Pixel will sport a 5-inch, Full HD screen resolution. The Pixel has been seen running Android Nougat, and if none of this convinces you, just remember that these two devices have already stopped by the FCC, the American agency that must approved the devices for sale here in the US. In other words, Google and HTC have already prepped these devices for primetime, which explains why the search engine giant and Android owner finally went ahead and renamed the Nexus Launcher to match the name of its upcoming flagships.

Google will announce the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL on October 4th.

Google Pixel 5-inch Google Pixel XL 5.5-inch


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