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Google Pixel is the new phone moniker, the new name that has replaced the Nexus brand in many respects, and with the search engine giant gearing up for its new phone announcement, we know that many of you are anxious about it and want something to hold on to until the big moment. Fortunately, Google has created its own “Made By Google Pixel” website designed to showcase the capabilities of the new Google Pixel back camera. These new photos can be used as Google Pixel wallpapers until the day comes.

Well, through a secondary source, we’ve gotten our hands on the photos taken with the Google Pixel and the photos are impressive — though, as always, keep in mind that tech reviewers will have to square photos in their own experiences against Samsung’s Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S7 Active, and Note 7 to declare Google’s new phones the best in the business.¬†While these are photos taken with the new Pixel camera, they can also be used as wallpapers. We know that all tech enthusiasts love new wallpapers, so these Google Pixel photos can be thought of as “Google Pixel wallpapers.” Google may have some official Pixel wallpapers available when it launches the new phones, but these Google Pixel wallpapers/photos will do for now.

There are a total of 44 Google Pixel wallpapers in all, so be sure to browse them and tap on the screen, then “save image” to download them onto your own mobile device. These wallpapers have not been touched up or altered by us in any way, so they come as they are.

Write in and let us know which Google Pixel wallpapers (photos) you like best and why. Also, let us know if these photos are tempting enough that you’d be willing to invest in the upcoming Pixel phones. Any other thoughts on the Pixel and Pixel XL are also welcome.


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