Google Play Games to get Auto-Sign-In for 2016

How many times have you logged in to your Google Play Games account, only to have to log in with each game download? It’s likely the case that you’re sick and tired of having to type in a username and password with each game purchase, or else select the option to have to log in every 30 minutes. Even with 30-minute delay log-ins, however, you still have to log in whenever you purchase 2 games that are 2 days apart.

Google has heard your pain, Android gamers, and has decided to fix this solution in 2016 to include auto-sign-ins where users need only log in once to Google Play Games in order to download games. No longer will you need to select an “every 30 minutes” option or “every time” option to have protected Google Play Games access while still getting the games you want when you want them. “We’re taking steps to reduce sign-in friction and unnecessary permission requests for players by moving the Games APIs to a new model,” Google said at the Android Developers Blog.

In addition to needing to log into Google Play Games only once instead of every time, Google will also allow players to download Google Play Games without need[ing] their account upgraded to Google+ to use Play Games services.” At the same time, though, Google will allow users to turn off the auto-sign-in feature for Google Play Games if they should so choose. Giving options with Google Play Games, as with all other Google services, is a huge win for the mobile search engine giant.

Google has been decentralizing its services, eliminating the Google+ requirement for its unlimited photo storage service and app. Google removed the “Google+” name from Google+ Photos, and removed the Google+ requirement as necessary for other Google services, too. With Google Play Games, though, you will no longer have to toil through repeat log-ins in order to access Android games, which is a win for hardcore gamers.


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