Google Play movie rentals are now 75% off — again

Google gave a 75 percent discount on Google Play movie rentals at Christmas, but, for some reason, many of you were so preoccupied with the season that you just didn’t get to take advantage of it. You may have known nothing about it, in which case, it’s unfortunate that you didn’t know so that you could grab the steep discount.

Well, Google is giving you a second chance to grab 75 percent off Google Play movie rentals by offering the discount again. The discount is only for movie rentals, however, and you can only get 1 movie under the discount. The positive in all this, apart from the Google Play movie discount, is that you can get the Google Play movie rental discount on any movie in the Google Play movie collection — so there’s no limit to the movie titles or selections under which you can take advantage of this deal. You aren’t getting the Google Play movie discount on purchased movies, however, so don’t pick up that $15 movie thinking that you’re only going to pay about $3.75-$4.00 for it.

At any rate, Google is always offering discounts and deals with Google Play movies, music, and app downloads, so it’s likely we’ll see another deal sometime this summer. However, we don’t know when this deal may return. It could return this summer, but if you’ll have to wait 4 months before seeing that movie you want at a discount, you may be better off grabbing your Google Play movie rental discount now — in which case, the source link below will help you out.

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