Google Project Fi invitations for Nexus 6 owners continue their rollout

Rumors have been floating around the Web that Apple wanted to launch its own wireless carrier earlier this week, but Apple gave a definitive “no” to them. Google, however, has launched its own wireless carrier without a name except “Project Fi,” the name of the project. The wireless carrier Google has in mind is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that utilizes the network(s) of other carriers while charging a fraction of the fees as the parent owners would charge. FreedomPop is such an example: while it runs on Sprint’s network, it charges more budget-friendly prices than even Sprint. Boost Mobile in the US is another Sprint MVNO. Page Wireless is a Verizon MVNO, and Cricket, Air Voice Wireless, Straight Talk, and Net10 are all AT&T MVNOs.

Google, then, has its own MVNO but uses Sprint and T-Mobile networks to provide wireless services for Nexus 6 users at the moment. In order to ensure the project turns successful, however, the search engine giant has started sending out invites for those who own a Nexus 6 and are interested in utilizing Project Fi when it comes to excellent data signals. Keep in mind, though, that the invite system, like OnePlus’s invite system, means that you’ll have to wait weeks until you get your invite. One tech site in particular has said that it’s been on the Project Fi invite list for 5 weeks now, with at least another 3-4 weeks remaining before it gets the green light for Project Fi access.

Project Fi will set you back $20 per month with unlimited talk and text plans. Each 1GB of LTE data will cost you $10. A person who wanted a 10GB plan, thus, would pay $20 for unlimited talk and text + $100 for LTE data = $120 each month. A person using their Nexus 6 with Verizon, for example, would pay the same thing: $40 monthly fee for the Nexus 6 phone line (with unlimited talk and text, of course) and $80 for the 10GB of LTE data. The difference between Verizon and Project Fi, however, is that a person using Project Fi will have his or her money refunded each month if the individual does not use the data. Verizon will keep your $120 a month, whether or not you use the data (usage or lack thereof is irrelevant to the carrier).

At this moment, Google has restricted service access to Nexus 6 users only, seeing that Google is responsible for the Nexus line and can grant the new service to customers without concern for LTE bands and so on. Depending on where you live, however, T-Mobile and Sprint may both be “no go” options for you, and Project Fi may be possible for Google but impossible for you.


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