Google to launch kid-friendly version of YouTube app for Android

YouTube is going to launch a new kid-friendly version of its app for Android. According to the company, the app will be available for Android users in the U.S only but will make its way to the rest of the world and to other platforms as well in the future.

The move made by Google to launch a separate kid-friendly version for its video streaming website YouTube means that Google wants YouTube to be more than just a simple video streaming website. YouTube has already launched a music subscription service called Music Key and it is also said that it is preparing an ad-free version of the site as well.

According to Google, the new app will not have comments section on any video and will also have no objectionable video featured in its new kid-friendly app. The search feature also uses some specific mechanism to block kids from searching explicit and adult content.

One interesting thing to note here is that last month, Vine also introduced a kid-friendly version of its app called Vine Kids that is suitable for younger audience as it shows content that is appropriate for youngsters only. This new kid-friendly version from YouTube looks exactly like that. The kids’ app from YouTube will feature a number of parental control options like which videos they can see, limiting their usage of the YouTube by using timed sessions through app etc.

Besides the above mentioned features, the app will also offer ways for children to find videos easily. It is said that YouTube will have dedicated channels and playlists for its new app. This way, the app will have more data to show and parents can easily subscribe to such channels and save playlists for their kids.

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