Google’s “Buy a Movie, Gift a Movie” helps you both give and receive for Christmas

Sometimes when we buy presents for ourselves at Christmas, we often feel bad because we haven’t purchased something for someone else or we spend more on ourselves than on others. Google, however, understands this feeling and wants to help us spend more on ourselves and get more for others at the same time. The company is having a “Buy a Movie, Gift a Movie” promotional over at the Google Play Store.

The Buy a Movie, Gift a Movie promotional goes as follows: you buy a movie for yourself, then the same movie can be redeemed for free with a friend or relative. The terms and conditions, however, only permit you to purchase certain movies from the Play Store (not just any movie you wish). Additionally, you must hurry up and purchase a movie between now and December 17th to be eligible for the Buy a Movie, Gift a Movie special.

Promotional link for gift movie will be delivered via email within 48 hours of your purchase. To claim the Buy a Movie, Gift a Movie Offer, you must purchase an eligible movie in this Offer between 12/10/15 and 12/17/15, be a US resident, 18+ (or 13-17 with permission and paying via Gift Card balance), have or activate a Google Play account and a Google Payments account, and have a compatible Internet connected device. Limit one (1) Offer per each of the eight (8) movies available in this Offer.

Google also says that those who want to take advantage of their free movie through the Buy a Movie, Gift a Movie must also download their movie by January 17th (one month after the promotional deadline ends). As you can see, it’s only for US residents, so international residents are again left out, unfortunately.

Are you ready for the Buy a Movie, Gift a Movie promotional? If so, head on over to the Play Store link below to take advantage of this holiday deal. When you see your friend or loved one enjoying a free movie, compliments of you, you’ll be glad you spent a little money — just to put a smile on his or her face.


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