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It’s a sad, but unfortunately, quite common situation. A company or brand hires a developer and issues their own application but after several weeks the number of downloads is barely more than fifty or so. The problem may be that your clients have no idea that you have an app on the market and continue to write and call you. If you have a lot of funds invested in your project, this can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. So, how can you avoid such situations and increase your chances of success in the market?

How to earn megabucks on your app

The secret is simple – the more people that are aware of your app, the more downloads you’ll get and therefore the higher your income will be. At the least, your app should be seen more frequently on search result pages or the top of the Play Market or AppStore.. How do you achieve this?

Promote your app before release

Use social media to gain interest from your audience. You can not only publish announcements but also release screenshots of future apps and create opinion polls to get an idea of what people would like to see in your program, etc. In general, you should create a community around your app that will interest your audience and get them excited to see it on the market.


The process of fine-tuning is itself quite expensive but test audiences can give you a better idea of what is wrong and inconvenient with your product. Of course, you should offer something in exchange for the work people do for you. For example, you can give them free access for one month to some paid features or a premium version.


Simplicity and functionality are two key things you should think about when creating your app. Aesthetics and style are important but they shouldn’t distract from the main features. You won’t win over your clients by offering stylish designs but low functionality.

Think about your icon. Minimalistic design is unlikely to tell people a lot about your product or company, so think about how you can improve it, i.e., make it more stylish and attention-grabbing.

Pay attention to the description

The main concept of the main page is that a person should understand what he or she is about to download and which computer versions are available. Have a look at the descriptions of Google Keep and Evernote. If you feel that your description should be a long one, divide it into several understandable paragraphs, so it’s easy to find the important part immediately.

After you have released it

Your audience is excited to get a new and polished product but your next task is to keep them interested in the app after getting it.


Apply to have your program reviewed by popular blogs or websites. Generally, such publications contain screenshots, faults, benefits, and features and are more valuable than the descriptions in the stores.

Be prepared to pay for it though. However, if your program has already obtained some popularity, these promotions can be done for free.

Integrate your app with social networks

Let people share their achievements and interesting moments on their social media profiles. Again, be prepared to offer something in return, like extra functions or skills in exchange for these interactions.


Of course, it is the oldest and most proven way to tell audiences that you exist. The key here is to get people interested in you, so contextual or native advertising will probably work best.

Spend some time researching which RTB advertising platform will be best suited, to help make the reach as personal as possible.


As you can see, your work doesn’t finish when your product is released. You have to stay in touch with your audience and competitors in order to offer high-performance services and up-to-date solutions. Be passionate about your work and attentive to your clients’ needs.

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