What happened with the Spinn Coffee Maker?

2016 was the year when coffee lovers were amazed by the grinding and brewing capacity of the Spinn, an advanced coffee making machine that uses WiFi. The crowdfunding campaign became a success and the most appealing aspect of this coffee maker was its unique centrifugal brewing technology. The Spinn’s patented system works with a centrifuge that runs at fast speed to extract creamy coffee down to the individual cup level. The coffee maker was an innovative solution and many people backed the idea, investing $300 on it. Unfortunately, the shipping dates have been postponed in multiple occasions, leaving backers wondering if they will ever get the machine.

Those who pre-ordered the Spinn, have turned to the company’s social media profiles to express their concerns and the reliability of the project is in doubt. Although the team behind the Spinn posts regular updates on the forum, the fact that the original ship date was postponed and that the second deadline was missed as well, have left backers worried. Initially, the Spinn told customers that they would receive the coffee maker by mid-2017. Then, the first backers were told that they would get the machine by the end of the first quarter of 2018. However, according to the most recent update, the company is only sending the coffee making machines to “beta testers”.

Although crowdfunding campaigns involve a risk that all users need to be aware of, but when the Spinn was originally announced, it seem to match all the criteria to be considered as a trustworthy project. Apart from featuring unique, patented technology, they had also partnered with Nestle’s Nespresso to offer their technology in the latest line of pod-based brewing machines offered by Nestle’s company.

The problem is that it’s been nearly two years since the campaign was launched and things are not looking as promising as they initially did. The ship dates have been postponed twice and while it posts updates on a regular basis, it is not providing clear information about the day when backers can expect to receive their coffee makers. Apparently, beta testers are the only ones able to use the Spinn at the moment, because there are still interactions and bugs that need to be addressed. Another reason why those who have invested in the product are worried, is the fact that Roland Verbeek, one of the inventors of the Spinn technology, left the company in 2017.

While the company has offered refunds, many people would prefer to just get the Spinn instead. The problem is that it may take a long while until they can actually receive the machine. Early backers have their doubts about the reliability of the deadlines promised by the company. By now, those who are still hoping to get their Spinn, have no choice but to give the company another chance.

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  2. May 2019 and still nothing

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