Headphone jack adapter for iPhone in new video

We’ve discussed the rumor about the iPhone 7’s headphone jack (Apple is eliminating it in the iPhone 7 to make the phone thinner, sources say), and we’ve also discussed Apple’s plans to move forward with Lightning headphones that can be charged via the phone’s charging port rather than give them a jack of their own (of course, these headphones are wireless; Apple filed a patent for them confirming what many believe to be nothing short of a bad decision). We’ve also seen a video where the 3.5mm headphone jack is absent on the new iPhone, and the video itself is just confirmation to add to what Apple has already done in documentation. A recent video showed the presence of a second audio speaker, confirming an even earlier rumor that said a second speaker would be added to the new iPhone’s hardware. A headphone jack adapter would really help, but there’d been nothing in the way of evidence to suggest such a solution.

With all this, though, you’d think that there’d be no way around it.

Of course there is.

A new video highlighting the new design change also brings to light a headphone jack adapter for the iPhone 7 that lets you continue using your old jack headphones without the need to replace them with wireless ones. The YouTube video, created by, shows the headphone jack adapter up close so that you can verify it does exist. The headphone jack adapter must be used in the charging port, but it comes with an ending that lets you attach your jack headphones with no worry.

The reviewer in the video had a pair of B&O headphones that he attached to his iPhone by way of the headphone jack adapter, though there are two different endings: one for the charging port, the other for the old jack headphones. The reviewer also used an iPhone 5 for the effort (as far as I could make out the model in screenshots), so he’s not using an iPhone 7 here (it’s easy to see why the iPhone in the video isn’t an iPhone 7: it still has the ugly antenna bands across the bottom portion of the back cover that Apple has removed in the upcoming iDevices).

The source says that it has received the new headphone jack adapter by way of someone who works closely with Foxconn, the company that has manufactured iPhones for Apple in the past (and now owns Sharp’s display technology business after buying it out). With Foxconn working so closely with Apple, the headphone jack adapter appears to be headed for the market and not something pre-production. Apple intends to introduce the new headphone jack adapter in the iPhone 7, a way to prevent consumers from complaining about the transition from wired to wireless headphones.

You can take a look at the new headphone jack adapter for the iPhone 7 in the video below.


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