High Efficiency Speakers

Sound reproduction has evolved significantly over the last few years, thanks to the new technology solutions available. Nowadays, it is possible to find the best center channel speakers for movies that offer impressive performance and a high degree of efficiency. Still, you may be wondering what exactly does it mean to have high efficiency speakers. Well, high efficiency refers to speakers that are capable of offering the best sound quality for the lowest energy use. However, it is important to note that in reality, only one percent of electrical energy sent by an amplifier is turned into acoustic energy. The remaining energy is turned into heat, which means that if as much electric energy as possible is transformed into acoustic energy, the efficiency could be even higher.

High efficiency speakers may suit different needs and the best option depends on your personal needs. In general, high efficiency speakers can be very expensive so it is important to choose the ones that suit best your preferences and requirements. When it comes to selection the right option for you, there are many aspects to consider including the conversion rate of energy, room size, personal preference and audio quality. Of course, it is also crucial to think about your budget because while it is possible to find amazing high efficiency speakers, you can expect to pay a hefty price for them. Thankfully, there are also good options that are more affordable, but if you are looking for the best, you would need to be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money.

BIC America RTR-EV15

Great performance, efficiency and affordability are the main reasons why you need to consider these fantastic speakers. They offer 430 Watts of power handling and high efficiency horn tweeter that allows extended output to 116 dB. You will enjoy impressive sound for music, movies and everything else. The clarity and accuracy of the sound will amaze you, and so will the price. Although the speakers are very big (21.5 inches wide and they weigh 7 pounds), they will fit in your living room and other similar spaces without hassle. The bass is featured in the shape of a 15-inch custom Eviction woofer and the delivery is solid, even if there is no sub-woofer. While we previously mentioned that in order to get the best, you would need to pay a high price, these speakers are available for a reasonable cost and offer excellent quality.

Pioneer SP-FS52-LR

The SP-FS52-LR by Pioneer features one soft dome tweeter and three structured surface woofers, offering crisp clear sound and a good amount of bass. Considering their excellent quality, these speakers are great value for money. They allow you to enjoy music with flawless sound, as well as clear audio when you are watching movies. The SP-FS52-LR are also higher than other models within these series. This allows you to get an enhanced sound experience since the speakers are closer to the ear level. While they are not as advanced as more expensive speakers, they are a top choice within their price range. With the SP-FS52-LR, you will be able to enjoy high definition sound when listening to music or watching videos.

Klipsch Synergy F-20

The Klipsch Synergy F-20 bring you a remarkable sound experience thanks to its dual 6.5 inch IMG woofers and Tractrix Horn. They offer sophisticated technology that allows you to enjoy realistic audio when watching action movies. Although they are not as good when it comes to listening to music, these speakers are still worth considering, given that Klipsch is a very popular brand, particularly when it comes to high efficiency speakers. Plus, these speakers are also an affordable solution when compared to other options in this category. The wooden panels offer an elegant appearance, making these speakers a stylish addition to any space and their size is also very convenient. They are designed to offer powerful performance with minimum energy cost.

Klipsch Synergy F-30 Premium Dual 8-Inch Floor-Standing Speaker

The F-30 series from Klipsch takes things to the next level and it offers multiple improvements when compared to the F-20 series that we previously mentioned. These high efficiency speakers offer a dual 8-inch heavy-duty IMG woofers and a unique Tractrix Horn. The Synergy F-30 Premium Dual speakers are more powerful than the F-20 version and they are considered as the best solution within their price range, which is mid level. You will be impressed by their sound and will enjoy music and movies with stunning clarity. If you can spend a bit extra in your sound system, this a good choice.

MartinLogan Vista High-Performance Electrostatic Speakers

With the MartinLogan hybrid speakers, you can enjoy great value for money and clear sound. The electrostatic technology will allow you to get high quality sound when you are listening to music. These hybrid speakers are available for a reasonable price and they feature high-resolution 8-inch cone woofer and the power handling supports 200 Watts per channel. They are 55-inches high and offers solid and versatile performance. You can watch movies or enjoy music with clarity and considering that they are the most affordable option with the XStat technology, they are definitely worth considering.

Polk Audio Monitor 55T

The Polk Audio Monitor 55T has one-inch dome tweeter and dual 5.3 inches drivers, making them an impressive option for their price. While they offer great performance on their own, if you use them along sub-woofer, you will enjoy the most amazing results. These speakers are ideal for users who want affordability and good quality. They may not offer the advanced features that high-end speakers have, but they are still a powerful choice. The Polk Audio Monitor 55T includes a practical shielding of magnets that will allow you to place them close to some electronic devices without experiencing interference. The speakers’ tweeter provides amazing clarity and the woofer delivers a strong bass. In terms of design, the Polk Audio Monitor 55T is focused on simplicity. Overall, they are a good option when you need to stick to a lower budget.


With high efficiency speakers, you can enjoy top audio quality for a lower energy cost. While these speakers tend to be expensive, there are many options available, including some that suit low budgets. It is possible to find good quality speakers that are more affordable, but in order to get the best technology and performance, you may need to pay a little extra to get at least mid price speakers. Of course, when choosing your speakers, you also need to keep in mind your own preferences and your specific reasons for using high efficiency speakers.

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