Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

The popularity of Himalayan Salt Lamps is increasing thanks to the unique touch that they add to your home or office. But these amazing lamps are not only good for decoration purposes, they offer many other benefits that make them an important addition to any space. Himalayan salt lamps cleanse the air and they can help to reduce allergies and boost your energy levels. These lamps neutralize electromagnetic radiation and can improve the quality of your sleep. They are environmentally friendly and will allow you to feel better. Himalayan salt is a natural resource found in the Punjab region of Pakistan and the lamps combine water, air particles and positive ions.

A light bulb is placed inside a large piece of pink Himalayan salt and when the salt is heated, it releases clean water. The lamps stand out thanks to their beautiful appearance and pink glow that they emit. Given the appeal and the health benefits that Himalayan salt lamps offer, many people want to get them. However, choosing a Himalayan salt lamp is not that simple. It should be noted that the real Himalayan salt lamps are made from salt extracted from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. It is believed that the salt found in this region is millions of years old. When looking for a Himalayan Salt lamp, it is important to get a real one. While it is difficult to spot a fake Himalayan salt lamp, this article will help you to choose an option that you can rely on. Here is a list of the best Himalayan salt lamps that are available.

WBM Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is an ideal bedside lamp due to its size and it has a heat-resistant, fire-safe ETL certified dimmer. It will alos look great on your coffee table or desk. The Himalayan salt lamp by Himalayan Glow can be adjusted using the dimmer to suit your area. If your eyes are sensitive to bright lights, this lamp could be a good choice. It helps you to relax and it looks very good. The ionic balance is enhanced when you use this lamp in your living room, office, bedroom, meditation area or anywhere else. The salt crystal lamp releases negative ions to defeat electromagnetic radiation.

Levoit Aria Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

The Levoit Aria Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp has a modern look, but it is made using 100% pure Himalayan salt of the highest quality. It has been professionally hand carved in Pakistan and it meets all the necessary criteria to be considered an authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp. It offers a warm amber glow and it features 15 watt incandescent light bulb. It is possible to change the brightness of the bulb to get a different hue for the lighting area. It has a compact design and thanks to its air cleaning capacity, it can help you to enjoy a better environment and health.

Windsor Seasons Hand Crafted Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Windsor Seasons uses the purest Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt and the lamps are carved carefully to ensure an optimized glow. They hand-pick the salt crystals to ensure the best possible shape, color, purity and clarity. When you order this lamp, you receive an email from the company with instructions that will help you to get the most of it and to ensure that you use it in a safe way for you and for the environment. The Himalaya salt lamp by Windsor Seasons emits Yellow/brow light to illuminate the entire room, while the amber light helps you to relax.

Inviting Homes Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

This Himalayan Salt lamp by Inviting Homes is perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere thanks to its subtle glow. Like the other options in this list, this Himalaya Salt lamp has been carefully handcrafted. You can get it for a very convenient price and since it comes with a 90=day money back guarantee, you can order with confidence. This is a great looking and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.

AMSkart Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

This Himalayan salt lamp created by AMSkart is designed to remove pollutants from the environment and it is another affordable option available. Given the natural variation in Himalayan crystal salt, the size, shape and color of your lamp will vary, which means that it will be unique. This handmade lamp can help to improve your health as it emits relaxing amber light and negative ions to work as an ionizer. The lamp can get rid of polluting particles and it allows you to enjoy better sleep and air.

Evolution Salt 53 Himalayan Natural Salt USB Lamp

Made of 100% pure Himalayan Crystal Salt, this small lamp can be a great addition to a child’s room. Its gentle lighting will look great in any space and for convenience, the lamp can be plugged into a computer or USB adapter. The multicolor light adds fun since the lamp keeps changing from one color to another one. The lamp also releases negative ions to fight against electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices, which can be harmful. You can get this lamp for a very affordable price.

SMAGREHO Mini Hand Carved Natural Crustal Himalayan Salt Lamp

For a very low price, you can get this practical and good looking lamp that is handmade from authentic Himalayan rock salts mined in Pakistan. The lamp has an air purifying effect and the negative ions that it releases will combat electromagnetic radiation and will help you to have more energy. The gentle light is perfect for a baby’s room, or for any space in the house where you don’t need a lot of light. It can also help you to relax or fall asleep at night.

MOKOQI Himalayan Salt Lamp

MOKOQI Himalayan Salt Lamp also offers a great way to discover the benefits of having an Himalayan salt lamp. It comes with UL wall plug and it can help to purify the room. Thanks to the negative ions that it releases, it can neutralize electromagnetic radiation. You will sleep better and will feel more energized. The light also has soothing effects so you will feel more relaxed and will be able to focus, without getting stressed. The lamp can also reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

Zennery Himalayan Salt Wrought Iron Salt

If you are looking for something that looks a bit different, this basket lamp by Zennery may be just what you need. The Himalayan salt crystals are pure and they come in a convenient iron basket that will look great in any space. The lamp offers a beautiful warm glow and it releases negative ions into the air to purify the quality of the air. This unit comes with switch, cord and bulb and it promises to give you all the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt lamp

Crystal Decor also offers a design that is slightly different than usual. This lamp will look great on your desk, bedside table or in any room of the house. It offers a subtle glow. It is a great source of natural lighting and the salt chunks come in a beautiful metal cylinder. There are different designs to choose from including star, angel and flower. The lamp comes with a 90-day moneyback guarantee.

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