Best Hooded Hair Dryers

For women, it is a well-known fact that drying one’s hair, whether it is their own or someone else’s is a difficult task but it is necessary to do for one to look good and presentable. There are different types of hair dryers. One is the hand-held hair dryer and the other one is the hooded hair dryer. Both dryers are used in salons but this article will focus more and feature hooded hair dryers.

What is a Hooded Hair Dryer?

A hooded hair dryer works the same as a conventional hair dryer but it is a bit larger, has more multifunctional use and works faster.

Who Should Use Hooded Hair Dryers?

Hooded Hair Dryers are usually found in salons and are used by professionals. Professional hairdressers need a hair dryer that is versatile, easy to use, portable, could speed up their services and at the same time provide great results and the perfect product that could address these needs is a hooded hair dryer. However, finding the right hooded hair dryer could be another difficult task. Moreover, choosing the wrong product could not only make you lose customers but could also cost a huge sum of money.

Through research and through this article, we would like to help you choose the best option that would suit your needs at the same time provide you more knowledge and information on things you should consider before purchasing any hooded hair dryer product.

Best Hooded Hair Dryers

1. Pibbs 514

Pibbs 514 is considered as one of the best professional hair dryers. It is a top high quality hooded hair dryer made in Italy and is made with industrial high-grade materials that make this product heavy duty and durable.

This model is designed and specifically made for professional use. The heat and speed are adjustable depending on your preferred level. As for its size, you could also adjust it according to the height of your customers. Meaning, even if your customer is a child, this device could still be used.

Pibbs 514 comes with a 60-minute timer and has a temperature control dial that would provide your ideal temperature. Moreover, this device does not need to be warmed up to get the heat up. Though Pibbs is huge and heavy, you will not have a hard time moving it around as it comes with five wheels.

Pibbs 514 is not only ideal for salons but could also be used at home. Unfortunately, this device also with a price but if cost is not an issue with you, this hooded hair dryer is highly recommended.

2. Orion Motor Tech 900W

The most versatile hooded hair dryer is the Orion Motor Tech 900W. This model is also made with high-quality materials and is another very durable hair dryer. It also comes with wheels that make it easy to move around. Aside from being versatile, Orion is easy to use with its adjustable features. This model comes with multiple styling, heat settings and a timer that would automatically switch off the device once it has reached its time limit.

Though Orion Motor Tech 900W is made for salons, it could also be used at home. it is extremely quiet and its price is affordable and reasonable.

The downsides of this hairdryer, however, are that it is not collapsible, heavy and it is difficult to store.

3. Laila Ali LADR5603

This hair dryer is the most affordable hair dryer. It is also much smaller compared to normal hooded air dryers but this feature makes the device easier to move and easier to use. Since it is small, you will not have any problems collapsing and storing it. Hence, this makes a great home hooded hair dryer.

Though this hair dryer is small, its hood is huge enough for one to be able to use jumbo rollers.

This hair dryer also contains IONS that keeps hair moisturized. These IONS also prevent hair from breaking or being burnt. It also helps reduce frizz that is caused by damaged hair.

The downsides, however, are that this device is not consistent in terms of its settings and it also does not have a large stand which means you will need to keep close to the hairdryer and position it at a right angle.

4. Ovente 3 Speed Professional Hair Dryer Stand

Ovente 3 Speed Professional Hair Dryer Stand is the usual and most commonly used in professional salons. It has three different speed settings and has a 60 -minute timer. With the other features that come with this device, you can be assured of a perfect heating temperature that would dry your hair evenly. Additionally, it also has a fan that keeps your hair from direct heat and would prevent it from damaging your hair.

This hair dryer is easy to move as well with its 5 rolling wheels. It is mobile and could be moved from one area to another without having to exert too much effort.

As for its disadvantages, this device would need a while to heat up and there is a possibility of the fan also drying up your hair more than it is necessary.

5. Babyliss Pro Ionic Roll about Hard Hat Dryer

Babyliss Pro Ionic Roll about Hard Hat Dryer operates on 1600 watts and is made of plastic materials. Its hood or hat is large and is perfect for any size of the head or if you want to dry your hair with large rollers. It also does heat up easily which makes this device perfect for long hair.

Babybliss’ stand is adjustable and is easy to move from one place to another. It also has multiple speed options. As for its disadvantages, this hooded hair dryer is very bulky which makes it difficult to store and at the same time this device does not have any timer and would require for one to constantly check and monitor to prevent and avoid any burns.

As for its price, this hair dryer is quite expensive but could be said that it is of great value.

6. Gold ‘N Hot Elite 1875-Watt Professional Stand Bonnet Dryer

One of the most powerful hooded hair dryers, the Gold ‘N Hot Elite 1875-Watt Professional Stand Bonnet Dryer is specially made for professional use. Though this hair dryer is created for salons, it could also be used at home as well.

This hooded hair dryer is made of high-quality materials and is very versatile with its easy to move the stand. It also comes with 4 styling settings which one could use to customize and style their hair. It also has IONS which helps in moisturizing the hair and prevents the hair from getting all damaged and burnt.

The downside of this hair dryer is its hood is very heavy and it tends to keep falling forward.

7. Conair HH320LR

One of the most affordable hooded hair dryers, the Conair HH320LR is also highly recommended for those who travels a lot. It is portable, small and is made of plastic materials which make this hair dryer light. Though this is the case, it is very durable and could last for a very long time.

With its size, this device is a space-saver and is easy to store as well. It could easily be folded up and could be stored or placed anywhere you wish to. Its hood could be disassembled as well which is very convenient if you wish to bring this hair dryer to any of your travels.

The drawback of Conair is that it does not have the ability to adjust its settings.

Buyer’s Guide

Most hooded hair dryers are expensive and not everyone could afford it. Though there are a few who are able to buy for luxury, we would still recommend these products for those who are hair enthusiasts and for those who have hair salons.

Conventional Hair Dryer vs. Hooded Hair Dryer

Hooded hair dryers are larger than a conventional hair dryer but it is faster and does not damage the hair.

Conventional hair dryers are easy to control and easy to use. It is also very ideal to style your hair. A hooded hair dryer, however, is perfect for wet styles which means it is suggested to style your hair while it is wet then let it dry.

Advantages of a Hooded Hair Dryer:

  • It dries your hair much faster
  • You could multi-task while drying your hair
  • Allows you to style your hair even though it is still wet
  • It does not damage your hair
  • They dry your hair evenly and simultaneously

Disadvantages of a Hooded Hair Dryer

  • They are more expensive than a conventional hair dryer
  • You will need to take care of it and maintain it
  • They are quite noisy

Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Hooded Hair Dryer

With choices and options from a list of the best-hooded hair dryers, it is best to know what you should consider before you choose which the one would suit you best.

From research and expect salon opinions, below are the things or factors you should consider when choosing the right hooded hair dryer for you:

1. Heat – the amount of heat is one of the most important factors you should consider. Since hooded hair dryers, dry hair at a fast speed, you will need to look which product would provide you with the best possible heat at the best possible price.

Note that if you wish to buy it for home use, it is recommended to buy one that has a power output of 1000-watts and for salons, we recommend about 2500++ watts.

2. Size– When choosing and looking for a hooded hair dryer, it is important to consider not only the size but also its overall design. It is important that you check the size of the hood.

3. Adjustability– few models do not have adjustable settings and only have one setting. This means you will not be able to adjust the speed, heat, and length of the stand.

4. Portability – no matter if you are purchasing for personal use or for a salon business, this is something you will need to look into. If you are purchasing for a salon, check its mobility. Is it easy to move from one area to another?

5. Interior– This is the most important thing. Check the product’s interior. Ensure that it has an anti-stain coating and could easily be cleaned.


Choosing the right and best quality hair dryer could be a difficult task. However, with the right knowledge, it will be easier to accomplish it. The listed 7 best high quality hooded hair dryers mentioned above are highly recommended for anyone who wishes to upgrade their personal hair products and for those who have salons. We hope through this article we are able to help and equip you with the right knowledge in choosing one that would best suit you.

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