Top 10 Hoverboards

With the previous issue of short-circuited batteries and recalling over half a million hoverboards, it is a bit scary to purchase one now. However, rest assured that the issue has been solved and should not deter you in finding the best one that would suit your taste.

Finding the right one for you could be difficult due to numerous choices and to ease everyone’s concerns about the battery issue and controversy, this article will tackle different models of Hoverboards produced by different companies. Not only that, the models included in this list are UL2722 certified.

1. Halo Rover

This model is the best buy in 2018. It was designed with high density aluminum fender wings, large terrain tires and has a maximum weight limit of 264lbs. This model is UL 2272 certified, IPX4 certified for water and dust resistance and it has a fire-safe LG battery as well.

The Halo Rover has a built in Bluetooth speakers for music, powerful headlights and has a rear brake lights which makes you visible at all times especially at night. This model also comes with no fall ride assist technology. It has 8.5 inch tires and has a powerful dual 400w motors which would help you and allow you to ride in any surface with dirt, grass, uneven terrain or smooth surfaces.

The model has an app that would help you track the battery life, mileage, location and usage of 3 riding modes including training mode. It has a maximum speed of 10 mph and a range of up to 10 miles.

2. SwagTron T1

One of the leading hoverboard brands, SwagTron created T1 which could be considered as one of the most high-end models. The T1 is UL2272 certified which means it is completely safe from over-heating and from any battery issues or controversies.

The T1 is light weight, smooth to ride and definitely gives you a value for your money. This is definitely one of the top picks.

3. GoTrax Hoverfly Eco

This model is best for beginners. It has the new and cooler futuristic look version of skateboards. Meaning, it is funkier, quicker and widely acceptable. However, this model and version unfortunately had the controversy of overheated battery which caused fire. This incident should not give you fear of purchasing this model as after the controversy, the creators of this model has improved and upgraded their product’s safety.

The Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard has a maximum speed of 7.4 mph and has a two 250-watt motors. Aside from that this model’s maximum charging time is about 1.5 hours which is much faster than other models. Its range is 12 miles on a full single charge.

First time users will not have a hard time with this model as this model has learning mode which gives pad and speed flexibility. It also has protective bumpers which provides smooth ride and durability. Lastly, GoTrax Hoverfly has a nonslip footpad which ensures you won’t go crashing down from a steep surface.


Hoverfly Eco comes with Alien Green, Nebula Black, Mars Red, Neptune Blue and Pulsar Pink colors. This model includes a built-in LEDs and a warning battery light. These light are not just for aesthetic purposes but rather also it is used as a protective measure for better vision during night time.

4. Swagtron T580

This model was created with care and ensures great experience to its users. Swagtron T580 has an eco-friendly mechanism which ensures there will be no carbon emissions coming out of this product. It also has a patented shield technology which is their battery management system.

Swagtron T580 could support up to 220lbs and has Bluetooth speaker which allows you to play music while riding the device. This model also comes with UL 2272 certification which ensures your safety. The battery takes about two hours to charge and offers IPX4 water resistance or protection.


This model comes in three colors such as red, black or blue. Unlike other brands and models the SWAGTRON T580 is perfect for those who likes sleek and are minimalist.

5. Swagtron T6

As seen in this list, Swagtron has been the leading brand in the Hoverboard industry and another model makes the list. The T6 was created for any surface or terrain. In fact, it was made from quality materials and has the masculine and rugged aesthetics. This model could support up to 420lbs and has a carrying handle for easier portability. Like other Swagtron devices, the T6 also has LED lights and non-slip pads for safety. The maximum speed this device could go is up to 12 mph and aside from that, this model is also U2272 certified and has the patented sentry shield battery protection.

6. SwagTron T3

Another SwagTron on the list is the T3 which is the upgraded version of T1. The T3 is UL 2272 certified and has the Sentry Shield technology which ensures battery and fire safety. This model has a maximum speed of 8+ mph and two 300 watt motors. Its battery needs to be charged about 2 to 3 hours and even with that said time, the battery does not heat up. Aside from that, this model comes with Bluetooth speaker which could be synced with any smart mobile phone.

For those who are comparing the T1 and T3, you would notice that not all of T1’s features are included in T3’s list of features and to say T3 is better than T1 would be subjective. So it would be best to check which of the features would suit your taste and needs better.

7. Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Known as the smartest hoverboard in the market and industry, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is UL2272 certified which makes it fire and battery safe. This model comes with LG battery which you could easily purchase and change. It also has a maximum speed of 8+ mph and has 350-watt motors which are efficient. It has running time of 60 minutes on full charge.

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 also comes with its own EverBalance technology which helps the user balance, stand on it and ride it easily. Lastly, this device also comes with a blue LED light display, LED battery power indicator, fender bumpers and two riding modes- for beginners and advanced users as well.

8. VEEKO Hoverboard

One of the cheapest brand and model, the VEEKO hoverboard would not disappoint you as it has all the basic functionalities. This model comes with a charging cable and an instruction manual. Its design is simple but with simple design, comes with simple construction which means it would only be good on plain terrains.

Though the VEEKO is known for its simplicity, this model is also U 2272 certified which makes it fire safe and which is why this model got into this list. Aside from that it does not take too much time to charge for you to be able to use it and has a battery saving mechanism.

If you are a beginner and is still practicing, this model would suit you the best.

9. Hoverzon S

The Hoverson S takes the cake in terms of design and features. The price is in the range of other models which makes it one of the best competitors of other brands.

This model has an exclusive aegis armor which protects its battery and is UL2272 certified. Its exterior casing and sensor pedals are fireproof. It also comes with a top tier motor and gear stabilization and lastly it has two speed modes which could be used by beginners and professionals.

As this model is the only one that has the aegis armor, the Hoverzon S better than any other hoverboards. So if you are safety conscious, this model would be great for you.

10. XtremepowerUS Hoverboard

This hoverboard is best for children. The Xtremepower US Hoverboard is energy efficient and has a battery life of 6 miles on a single charge. It has basic certification and has LED lights for signaling. This model also comes with Bluetooth speakers which is very surprising for cheaper priced hoverboard.

The only downside of this model is it cannot be used on rough terrain and could only support up to a maximum 200lbs and has no water protection.

Tips and Considerations in Choosing a Hoverboard

Before purchasing and when choosing a hoverboard, it is suggested that you take into consideration the following for safety and quality:

  1. Size- the average size for safety is 8 inch-tall and 27 inch wide.
  2. Average Speed- 7 mph
  3. Usage- both indoor and outdoor
  4. Average Charging time-2 to 3 hours
  5. Average Range- 7 miles
  6. Maximum weight- 220lbs
  7. Make sure the model is UL 2272 certified
  8. Check online if the model has been recalled

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