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How to Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself

A background check issues you with the vital and available data of a person. You might want to run your background check for various reasons. For one, you might want to know what other people see about you when they run background checks.

This article will help you know more about personal report and how you can find it easily once you are on the internet. All you need is your details and a recommendable searching site.

How can Running a Personal Background Check Help You?

You would want to run your background check for various reasons. For one, you might want to know what other people see about you when they run background checks. This case scenario primarily applies to your potential employers.

You may also want to determine whether the information provided by a search site is correct and up to date. It may be because you are job hunting. Thirdly, you may be running a business, and you would want to ensure that what clients see when they search for your name is legit.

 Remember, clean records encourage them to gain more trust in your business.

These might be some of the reasons why you may need to run your background check. So, a reliable search site is essential to perform this task. CocoFinder is one of the most recommended sites.

For one, it is fast and contains updated data. Hence you can rely on it when running your background check.

What Should You Expect from a Personal Background Check?

CocoFinder provides you with numerous results. Among them are your social media accounts, public records, educational and employment history, and sexual offenses, your criminal records (if any), and lastly, your financial situation. 

The Steps You Should Follow

Firstly, visit the CocoFinder website and go to a background check option. Enter your first and second names on the labeled spaces. After, fill in the city you come from and the state. Once done, click on the start search button. The results do not take long; in two minutes, CocoFinder displays them. 

Notably, if you want to use your address, phone number, or email address instead, that option is provided. CocoFinder has comprehensive data coverage; hence it gives you other options for a personal background search. 

One thing that the results show is a comprehensive background check. There are various things covered under the background check, including your arrest records. In case you have ever committed a crime, the documents are uploaded on search sites, and anyone can view them. 

Furthermore, you can view your court records. Again, in case you have ever violated the law, a court record is displayed. This record is a bit more detailed than the court case. It shows what crime you committed. The history also shows where the crime happened. 

Besides that, the court records do present mugshots. It is a photo of you taken by the police during the issuance of a court record. If you decide to do a self-search, ensure that you run your name under various states. 

In case you have committed a crime in a different state, then the site provides that.

After the criminal records, you can view your educational and work history. Under this category, you can view the places you have worked—also your academic accomplishments. 

Potential employers mainly use this kind of data to determine if you are fit for a job vacancy. 

Your social media profiles are also provided under this category. Here you can view all the social media accounts that operate under your name. In addition to this, you get all the online photos that you have uploaded to these accounts.

 You can also see the comments that you have made under these social accounts, followers, and the accounts that you follow back. Remember, social media profiles do tell a lot about you and the people associated with you. 

Besides this data, your financial status is shown. Your life history may include where you were born and bred. Also, sexual offenses committed, if any.

What May Cause Search Delays

CocoFinder is fast, and it takes two minutes to display results. However, there may be abnormal cases where there are search delays. For one, if you fill in incomplete or inaccurate data. For instance, a spelling mistake while typing your name, phone number, or email address. 

Secondly, if the details you are looking for have not been updated on the site’s servers. If the data you are looking for requires universal background checks, it might take the search site some time to give you all the information. 


In conclusion, personal background checks are essential, especially for a job seeker. Also, anyone can perform background checks on you. However, you need to confirm that what they are viewing is accurate and up to date. 

Having gone through this blog, you can now comfortably run a background search as well. Furthermore, if you use CocoFinder, then this will only take you a few minutes. Should you experience any delay while doing that, recheck if you are providing the site with accurate and complete data. 

Lastly, you can always download your report for future reference or any other purposes.

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