Facts About God of War’s Hero: How Tall Is Kratos?

Kratos is a character of a popular game, God of War. He is a protagonist which many love. In fact, many gamers enjoy this warrior’s imposing figure which would make one curious and wonder how exactly tall and heavy he is.

How Tall is Kratos?

In God of War 2018, Kratos was 7ft. and 6 inches. However after 2018, Kratos’ height is 6ft 4 inches. The decrease of his height was actually intentional especially when the game moved to PlayStation4. The decision to decrease Kratos’ height is to ensure that he has a more realistic proportion instead of having a comic book proportion.

How Old is Kratos?

In every and each game series, Kratos’ age differ. He is a demigod which means he ages extremely slow in a physical sense.

In God of War 4, Kratos is about 1000 years old. This information came from the detail of God of War happened 1000 years after the earthquake in Sparta 464 BC. Another indication is the extreme cooling weather event in Northern Hemisphere in 535/536 AD.

Furthermore, the first God of War Kratos’ age is probably at least 30 which is the youngest age of which a Spartan could graduate into a captain.

How Much Does Kratos Weigh?

Since we know how tall Kratos is, we could now roughly guess his age, the next information which is nice to know is how heavy he is. Though Kratos is huge, there is no official information as to how much Kratos weighs. However, according to 8wayrun wiki, it is said that Kratps weighs about 284 lbs or 129 kg. This information is a bit crazy as you would think how would he be able to push 1,774,000 tonnes (1.774 billion kg)?

How Tall is Freya?

Another important character in 2018’s God of War is Freya who is the Norse goddess of love, war and beauty. As for her height, no official information has ever come out yet and everyone is speculating about it. Though this is the case, Freya definitely is taller than Baldur but slightly smaller than Kratos.

How Tall is Atreus?

in God of War novel, Atreus is 11 years old which makes him more lively to grow up to have an imposing figure as well just like his father. He is roughly half the height of Kratos which would make him 3ft 2inches.


We hope that through this article, you are able find useful information about Kratos of God of War.

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