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How To Develop An App: 5 Important Actions

The mobile market is developing by leaps and bounds. It is difficult to imagine what kind of money is circulating in this area. According to statistics, in the first half of 2020 alone, the total revenue of mobile applications worldwide amounted to almost 3.5 billion dollars!

Therefore, it is not at all surprising if you decide to be a developer and try your hand at creating your own iOS application. Probably the only thing stopping you is the fear of spending a lot of time (and money) developing a program that no one else will use.

If you dream of creating an application that will be actively sold within a year after the release, but have no idea how to do it, then this article is for you. The tips below will definitely help you to achieve your goals.

Find an original idea

At each presentation Apple announces millions of iOS device sales and fantastic App Store records. Guided by this fact, many novice developers mistakenly assume that creating another commonplace email client or photo editor will allow them to earn millions of dollars (in their opinion, this does not necessarily require climbing to the top lines of the Apple App Store charts).

However, despite the prevalence of the iOS platform, this is a big misconception. Of course, in this case, you will earn some money and recoup the development process, but in order to achieve truly significant success, your program must not only fulfill the declared functions, but also have some original feature, a kind of zest that would distinguish it from hundreds of competitors and attracted attention against the general background.

Study your target audience

The App Store offers anyone a real treasure in the form of charts of popular applications, on the basis of which you can decide on the category of the program, notice some moments for yourself and find that very original idea.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Many popular iOS applications have achieved their success due to the following feature they allow the user to quickly perform some action (process a photo, for example), but at the same time do not overload him with unnecessary functions and buttons. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and create a photo editor with music playback function.

Put yourself in the user’s shoes, try to focus on the features that are really useful.

Assemble a team

To create a truly worthwhile product, it is not enough for you to generate interesting ideas and just be a creative inspirator. You need to find talented developers, it project manager, designer, qa software tester, a specialist who will promote the program on the Internet.

Where can we find the team?

Chat with friends, perhaps among them there are those who know how to program or are interested in creating applications. If there are none, try searching the forums and social networks. Update your “brainchild” regularly.

It is not necessary at all  to implement all your ideas in the first version of the application, leave secondary ideas for future updates. After the release of the program in the App Store you will have a lot of user reviews, based on which you can draw conclusions about the need to implement this or that function.

In addition, regular app updates allow your product to be constantly heard, “flickering” before the eyes of potential buyers in the blogosphere.

Draw a colorful icon

A beautiful icon is the key to the success of the application. Holding the iPhone in his hands, the user always wants to see high-quality graphics and “juicy” design on his display, which, as they say, pleases the eye. People will pay more attention to the program if the design department puts in enough time and effort to create an attractive brand pictogram. Ultimately, this should help your app reach the top of the App Store charts.

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