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How to find your device IMEI number — no matter the mobile OS

Are you registering your product for a chance to win a free accessory? obtaining insurance for your device, or completing online registration with a carrier to activate a monthly prepaid or postpaid plan? Filling out an insurance claim in order to get your device fixed, perhaps? These are just a few of the situations you may find yourself in, but you may need to know how to find your device IMEI number in the event that any (or all of these) may apply to you. If so, you can find your device IMEI number in a few steps.

* Go to your device settings.

* Scroll down to your System Settings and select “about phone” or “about device.” In the about section, select “status” if your IMEI isn’t on the page.

* In the status section, scroll down to where you see IMEI with a string of numbers beneath it. This is your device’s IMEI number. Learning how to find your device IMEI number wasn’t too bad at all, was it?

It is important to learn how to find your device IMEI number, but it’s also important that you not share your device’s IMEI number with anyone or relay it to someone online except a trustworthy retailer. Someone could easily steal your IMEI number and add it to their stolen device — making your device appear stolen if you file an insurance claim with a carrier or retail store. Even if someone requests your IMEI on a site like eBay to verify that the device isn’t stolen, you shouldn’t give the IMEI to that individual.

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