How to Fix AirPods Flashing Orange

Have you ever experienced seeing the LED light of your AirPods flashing orange? If you have, you came to the right place as through this article, we shall provide you useful information which you could use to learn how to fix the orange flashing lights. 

What Does Blinking Orange Light Means?

When you see the LED light starts to blink orange light, this means that your AirPods cannot pair with your iPhone or firmware is different on ear AirPod which also means you would have to reset it and pair it again. Moreover, there is also a possibility that your AirPods are fake. 

Whenever your AirPods are in their case, keep in mind that the LED light means different status of your AirPods. However, if your AirPods are not in their case, then, the LED light would mean and provide the status of the case of your AirPods. 

Meaning of LED Light with AirPods in Case

  • Solid Green Light – your case is fully charged. 
  • Solid Amber Light – your case is not charged and it is time for you to charge it. 
  • Flashing Amber or Orange Light – Your AirPods are not pairing with your iPhone
  • Flashing White Light – your AirPods are ready to be set up with a device.

Meaning of LED Light with AirPods Outside the Case

  • Solid Green Light – your case has one full charge left for your AirPods
  • Solid Amber Light – your case has less than one full charge left for your AirPods

How to Fix AirPods Flashing Orange 

  • Reset your AirPods
  • Pair your AirPods with your iPhone or your device

How to Disconnect and Reset Your AirPods

  • Go to settings of your iPhone
  • Select Bluetooth 
  • Look for your AirPods on the device list
  • Tap i button next to your AirPods
  • Select Forget This Device
  • Put your AirPods in the charging case
  • Close the lid of your AirPod’s charging case
  • Re-open the lid
  • Press and hold the setup button on the back of the charging case until the status light flashes amber. 
  • Hold the button until the light turns to white. 
  • Reconnect your iPhone to your AirPods

How to Reconnect your iPhone to your AirPods

  • Go to Home screen of your iPhone
  • Keep your device close to your AirPods (with the AirPods in the case and lid open)
  • With the LED light flashing white, hold it right next to your device
  • Wait for the screen on your iPhone to display an animation
  • Look for the connect button at the bottom of the screen, select connect 
  • Wait for it to reconnect
  • Select Done

If the steps above did not work, you could try the following methods below:

  • Get your AirPods out of its case
  • Check the LED light of your AirPods’ case
  • If the LED light on your AirPods’ case is solid green, this means, as mentioned above, your case has sufficient battery or charged. However, if it is a solid amber color, then, your case does not have sufficient battery. If this is the case, skip the next section of this article and proceed to recharging your AirPods and AirPod case section. 

Recharge your AirPods

  • Go to the section of resetting your AirPods and pairing them to your device
  • Put your AirPods back in their case
  • Close the lid
  • Leave them for about twenty minutes

Recharge your AirPods and AirPods Case

  • Place your AirPods in its case
  • Close the lid
  • Plug the lightning cable into its lightning connector on the bottom of the case
  • Plug it 
  • Or if your AirPods could charge wirelessly, place it on its wireless charging mat
  • Go back to Resetting your AirPods and Pair them again with your Cellphone

Reset your iPhone or iPad

  • Ensure that you close all apps that you are using
  • Hold the power button 
  • Slide the slider to turn off your device
  • Wait for a few seconds 
  • Turn on your device
  • Reset your AirPods and pair them again to your phone

Update AirPods Firmware

  • Put one of your AirPods into the case
  • Connect it to your Apple device
  • Listen to music for about 5 to 10 minutes
  • Put the AirPod away
  • Get the other AirPod and repeat the steps provided above
  • Put both AirPods into the charging case
  • Keep the lid open
  • Connect the case to the power source for one hour. Keep your phone beside it
  • Close the case and leave it for an hour
  • Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings
  • Remove two AirPods
  • Pair your AirPods
  • When the LED light turns to white, you are good to go. 

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