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How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio

If you are using Discord to share your screen to your teammates then this article is important to read and it is worth your while. In this article, we shall show you how to fix your discord screen share when its audio is not working.

There are several reasons this could happen and one of them is that you have put discord app on a full screen mode. Hence, if you wish to revive the audio or sound minimize your shared screen.

Why Is Discord Screen Share Not Working?

Another problem as to why Discord screen share would not work is the possibility that your PC is experiencing some problems. It could also be that your Discord mute screen share is toggled on or the app itself is not updated.

Hence, as mentioned earlier, instead of using it on full screen, try to share the recording tab only.

With Discord, it is mostly gamers who use the screen sharing audio which is often used for streaming videos and watching gameplays. In this article, we shall provide you a detailed step by step guide on how to fix audio not working on screen share.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio

Restart your computer

Though as simple as it may seem, this method has been able to solve most technical issues and this issue is not an exception. After you have restarted/rebooted your device, relaunch your Discord and check if the problem still persist.

Update the Discord App

  • Open run dialog box
  • Press window + R
  • Type %localappdata%
  • Press enter
  • Double click discord
  • Double click on Update.exe
  • Wait for for the update to complete
  • relaunch the app

Grant Administrative Access

  • Launch file explorer by pressing Windows + E
  • Navigate installation location of Discord
  • Right click on Discord.exe application
  • Choose Run as administrator
  • Press Ok
  • Save Changes

Avoid Full Windowed Screen

As mentioned as earlier, playing on fullscreen could result to having some Discord Audio problems which could provide conflict with the Discord Permissions. Hence, we recommend that you use discord window off-screen mode and play games in minimized format.

Add Discord Activity

  • Open Discord user settings
  • Go to the navigation bar
  • Go to the game activity tab
  • add activity
  • turn on the toggle button on the Discord Overlay

Update Audio Drivers

  • Press Windows +R. This will open the Run Dialog box
  • Type devmgmt.msc this will open the device manager
  • hit enter
  • Expand audio input and outputs category
  • Right click on sound and hardware
  • Select update driver
  • Restart your OC

Reset Vice Settings on Discord

  • Go to Discord User settings
  • Click settings icon
  • Select Voice and Video
  • Select reset voice settings to reset faulty settings
  • Select okay
  • Confirm and exit discord

Reinstall Discord

This surely fix all the bugs and glitches of firmware version. Ensure you do this from official site.

Does Discord share screen have audio?

Yes, discord has audio features with its sharing screen feature. However, you must reset voice settings and enable windowed mode if you plan to share your screen in fullscreen mode.

Audio Feature Problem

At the initial state, Discord screen share audio is fault, however, after a huge update, the faulty issues have been fixed. Hence, it is important that you use the updated version.

Faulty Audio Drivers

If you have faulty discord legacy audio drivers on your PC, it is most likely that you will experience face discord no sound error.

Administrative Entry

When you grant administrative permission, this will definitely be able to fix discord streaming no sound issues.

Inappropriate Applications

This means that there are some software that do not match with your Discord algorithm. Hence, you will have to find for alternatives for you to get rid of the sound not working issue.

Discord Voice No Route Error

If you are experiencing no route for discord to transfer voice, this means that you could also experience no sound when you share your screen. Hence change the voice settings and your issue would surely be solved.

Stream Incompatibility

For YouTubers, Discord, unfortunately, is not a good option as you would experience some errors which means it would be better if you use alternative app.

Antivirus Problems

Antivirus software could actually cause severe damage to discord files. Hence, try to disable your Antivirus when you plan to use discord.

How to Share Audio on Discord Screen Share

All you have to do is enable discord sound sharing and you are good to go.


How to share sound on Discord?

You cannot share sounds on Discord. Hence, you will have to go for voice call to Push and Talk on Discord.

How to share audio on the discord screen share?

Turn off screen share and then enable sound mode and click share now button to share audio on discord screen share.

Does discord share audio?

No, screen share does not have an in-built audio sharing system. As mentioned earlier, you will have to go through voice call to transfer sounds.

Why is there no sound on Discord?

This could be due to faulty drivers, improper audio settings and bugs.

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