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How to Fix: Ninja Blender Won’t Work and Top 10 Issues

Blenders are one of the most important tools in the kitchen and one brand that is highly reliable and trusted is the Ninja Blender. They are considered as one of the most versatile blenders. Moreover, what is amazing about them is that they are affordable and less expensive compared to other brands.

There are times when our tools including our Ninja blender would break down and would stop working. If you do not know what to do when this happens, do not worry, you came to the right place. Through this article, we shall investigate the possible reasons as to why Ninja blender would cease to work and how to fix it.

Why Won’t My Ninja Blender Work?

There are several reasons as to why your Ninja blender would not work. Some of them are simple reasons and some could be complicated. One simple situation could be that the cord of your blender is not plugged into an electric socket.

Not Plugged In

Yes, though it might sound silly, but, there are times when we thought that our blender is already plugged in but in reality it is not. Hence, the first step in fixing your blender is to check the power source. Could it be that your plug is loose or it could also be that there are issues with your socket which you are not aware of. We suggest that you try to plug your blender to another power socket.

Tripped Circuit

Another possible problem could be related to your power source. It could be that circuit breaks which could lead for your blender not to get any power.

Faulty Power Cord

This is another reason. Your power cord could be damaged and faulty which could lead for the motor of your blender to stop working. If this is the case, we suggest that you bring your blender to a repair service shop.

Ninja Blender Blade Stuck

Another common reason as to why your Ninja blender would stop working is due to its blade shaft being stuck. This could happen when you do not use your blender regularly or there is a gunk left in your blender. Another reason as to why your blender’s blade gets stuck is when you put it wrongly or you have pushed it harder than normal.


When you overfill your blender, problems could occur. It could lead to your blades getting stuck and there is also a possibility of your blender to overheat. Hence, it is not wise and it is highly discouraged for you to fill your blender above the recommended max level.

Ninja Blender Broken

There are a lot of small components which are needed for your blender to work and when these parts break, then, your blender could no longer be used. There could also be cases when the motor of your Ninja blender has burnt out. Though some users would try to fix it at home, but, we highly suggest for you to let a professional technician check and fix your blender for you.

Ninja Blender Turns On But Won’t Blend

You could come across when your Ninja blender turns on but it would not blend. It could also happen that your Ninja blender’s blades would turn but it is not enough. There are several reasons why this could happen and we have covered them above. However, the reasons are not limited to those mentioned above.

Top 10 Reasons A Ninja Blender Won’t Turn On And How to Make It Work

Wrong Assembly

If the blender is assembled incorrectly, then it would not work. This means, you will have to be careful in assembling it with its parts. We highly encourage that you always read the user manual that comes with your blender.

The Lid Is Not Locked Tightly

One of the main reasons as to why your Ninja blender would not work is that the lid of your blender is loose. Hence, do not forget to lock the lid whenever you are making smoothies and blending something. Keep in mind that the arrow down on the lid must be aligned with the arrow up on the arrow on the jar handle. By doing so, you would be able to ensure that the jar handle is properly locked.

Ninja Blender Lid Handle Stuck

When your blender’s lid handle gets stuck on the pitcher even when you use the release button, try to gently push the lid handle with your other hand and push the release button. If it does not work try to put your thumb on the spout of the lid and put some pressure to pop the lid open.

Loose Blade Assembly

Check if your Ninja blender’s blade assembly is in place. Ensure that the part that holds the blades in place is not worn out nor is it jumpy. Try to use a strong screwdriver to loosen it off and tighten it back again.

The Pitcher Is Not In the Correct Position

Another reason could be that your blender’s pitcher is not correctly positioned. Try to rotate the pitcher into a locked position by removing it and putting it back again.

Blades Won’t Turn Properly

If this is the case, remove them and if needed, replace them with new ones.

The Ninja Blender Handle Won’t Go Down

If this happens, we suggest that you remove the handle of your Ninja blender jar. To do this just unscrew two small screws at the bottom of the jar under the handle. On the top of the handle push the little button and try to pry it. Put it back in properly. Ensure that the arrow on the handle would match the arrow on the lid.


Another reason as to why your Ninja blender does not work is that your blender has overheat. There are several reasons as to why your blender would overheat and one of them is due to overfilling your blender. Hence, as mentioned earlier, do not overfill your blender.

Internal Thermal Switch

When your blender overheats, the internal thermal switch would then turn off the motor of your blender until the temperature would drop back to its normal level.

Screeching Noise

This could be due to the pulsing air in the small space between blades and pitcher. It could also be due to your blender’s blades being stuck. Another reason could be due to your blender’s bearings being broken.

Internal Power Switch

Whenever your electronic power switch fails, we highly discourage you to fix it. In fact, we would recommend for you NOT to fix it yourself.

Tripped Breaker

Your circuit breaker could trip when you have loose connections and wirings. Hence, it is highly suggested that you check the connections and wirings of your main switch and circuit breaker. If everything is good, reset your breaker.

Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking

There are instances when you would experience and encounter that your blender’s power light is blinking. This happens because your blend pitcher is not positioned correctly or there is a possibility that there is a problem with your lid.

Why Is My Ninja Blender Blinking White Light?

The reason could be that the container is not properly placed over the motor base. If it is not placed correctly and properly, a white light would keep flashing and would not run.

Ninja Blender Buttons Not Working

There is a possibility that the touchpad buttons of your blender would stop working. This is due to repeated usage. It could be that the membrane switch under Ninja buttons could be defective.

Ninja Blender Extract Function Not Working

The extract function not working could be due to you using the function for an invalid food item. Keep in mind that this preset is an AutoIQ which means it would only work on specific and certain kinds of food.

Is There A Reset Button On A Ninja Blender?

No, unfortunately there is no reset button. If you wish to reset it, you would need to unplug the blender and plug it again.

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