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How to Fix Roomba Charging Error 5 in Seconds

Having a Roomba is very convenient and makes life easier for those who have to clean their homes. However, just like with any other devices and technology, you could also encounter some errors. One of the most common errors of Roomba is the charging error 5. If you experience this, do not fret and worry as through this article, we shall provide you steps and methods on how to solve this issue.

Why Does My Roomba Keep Saying Charging Error 5?

When you experience charging error 5, this means that the battery’s docks or terminals are full of dust and carbon. Another reason could be that you have been using a faulty charging cable and your Roomba’s battery would have to be replaced.

How to Fix Roomba Charging Error 5

Clean the battery dock and terminal

One of the reasons as to why you are experiencing the error 5 is due to a lot of dirt piling up. Remember, though your roomba cleans your place, you would also have to clean your Roomba as well. If dirt piles up on the small metal strips which is one of the parts that is responsible for charging, then your Roomba will not charge.

  • Take out the screws at the bottom section of your roomba
  • Remove the bottom cover
  • Check the cables and terminals for damage
  • Double check if the yellow battery tag is removed correctly
  • Wipe the dock connectors and battery terminals through the use of a magic eraser
  • Put the battery back with the iRobot logo facing up.
  • Put the bottom cover back
  • Ensure that the screws are secured
  • Clean the charging point

Replace charging cables

If you have maintained and cleaned your Roomba, and still get the error, do not worry. Check the cable that you use to connect your home base. Ensure that it is not damaged and it is working. If not, try to change your charging cable.

Reboot your Roomba

Roomba with CLEAN button

  • Press and hold for about 20 seconds the clean button
  • Wait for white light ring to swirl clockwise
  • Reset is complete as soon as the ring light turns off

Roomba I and J series

  • Press and hold the clean button for about 20 seconds for I series and 10 seconds for J series
  • Wait for the white light ring to swirl clockwise
  • Turn back on your Roomba

Roomba 600 series

  • Remove the bin
  • Look for the green dot below
  • Remove the battery of your Roomba
  • Leave the battery out for about 30 seconds

Replace your battery

Here are some of the hints when you should change the battery of your Roomba

  • Your Roomba is old
  • Battery does not hold charge
  • The power indicator light does not work
  • Resetting does not have an effect on the performance of your Roomba
  • Low performance despite your Roomba being cleaned
  • Battery has shorter run time

Hard Reset your Roomba

Before you do this, be warned that you cannot reverse this action. It will restore its factory default settings which means it will wipe out the memory, settings and preferences of your Roomba.

  • Open iRobot Home app
  • Your roomba and phone should be connected to the same network
  • Go to settings
  • Select factory reset
  • Your Roomba will reset

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