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How to Fix: Xfinity Cable Box Blinking Green

Xfinity cable boxes has improved, innovated and been developed which has made it come a very long way. Though it does not speak yet like Siri and Alexa, it has the ability to still communicate its issues through light indicators and one light indicator which you could often see is a green blinking light. This green blinking light could indicate that there is an error. Hence, in this article, we shall explore this and find out what methods we could do in order to fix the mentioned issue.

Why is my Xfinity cable box blinking green?

The main reason as to why your Xfinity cable box blinks green is that it means that your Xfinity cable box has not yet been activated. Do not worry as you could activate it through Xfinity’s website and through the help of tech support. Keep in mind, that there could be other causes which could be possible reason as to why your Xfinity cable box is blinking green.

3 Different Blinking Patterns:

  • Series of two short blinks
  • Series of three short blinks
  • Long, continuous, steady blinks

These blinking patterns mean different from one another. Is it continuous? or is it blinking at a steady blink? these two patterns of blinking could differ. It could be that you cable box could struggle to get signal or there is an outage which would mean that you would loose connection. Another reason, as mentioned earlier, could be that your cable box has not yet been activated. This could happen particularly with Xfinity’s Digital Transport Adapter or Digital Adapter. In fact, there are some users that do not realize that their cable box is a digital adapter. Hence, if you are having a green light blinking, then, it could be that you are using a digital adpater.

Digital Adapters vs Regular Xfinity Cable Boxes

There are many differences between a Digital Adapter and other Xfinity cable boxes. In terms of size, Digital Adapters are smaller and they are actually used with older TV models. It is used to convert digital signals into analog which makes older TV sets get cable channels. If they are not activated, this would then lead to blinking green light.

If you get a series of two short blinks then this means that your Digital Adapter could now be activated. If you get a series of three short blinks then this means that your cable box is getting an update.

Xfinity Cable Box Blinking Green

Here are some ways as to how to solve or fix the issue of your Xfinity cable box blinking green

Perform a Power Cycle

Power Cycle is actually just restarting your device. Just like any other devices, restarting is one of the most effective solutions. To do this on Xfinity Cable Box, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold the power button on your cable box
  • This would restart your cable box.
  • Wait for your cable box to turn back on

If your cable box does not have a power button:

  • Unplug your cable box
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Plug your cable box back
  • Turn on your cable box

Ensure that your connections are secure

Check if all the three types of connectors are properly connected. The three connectors are:

  • Coax cable
  • Power cord
  • HDMI cable

Ensure that they are plugged securely.

Wait until your Xfinity cable box is ready for activation

As mentioned earlier, if your digital adapter is showing green light in a steady and continuous manner, this means that you cannot activate it as of the moment. Just wait for the green light to blink in a series of 2 short blinks. If your digital adapter is newly installed, wait for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Activate your Digital Adapter

Before you activate your digital adapter, you will need to prepare the following:

  • Xfinity account number
  • Digital adapter’s serial number

These information would be needed for verification purposes. Your account number could be found on your instruction booklet or on your bill or receipt. The serial number on the other hand, could be found at the bottom of your device and on the label of the box of your digital adapter.

Two ways to activate your Digital Adapter:

  • Online through Xfinity Digital Now
  • Automated activation line at 1-888-634-4434

How to activate over the phone:

  • Ensure that your Digital adapter is plugged in
  • Dial 1-888-634-4434
  • Follow the voice prompt
  • Provide your account number and serial number of your Digital Adapter
  • Wait for few minutes after activation
  • Turn your TV on
  • If the green light becomes steady, you are good to go.

Allow for the Software update to finish

When your green light is blinking in 3 short series, this means that your box is undergoing an update. Updates are usually update and usually it happens one periodically. In fact, Xfinity X1 TV boxes usually update on a daily basis. This would help you ensure that your cable box provides the upmost level of performance.

Updates usually take only a few minutes. If it has been over an hour, we recommend that you perform a power cycle.

Contact Xfinity Support

You could reach them through chat and email or through their customer service number – 1-800-XFINITY. They support their customers 24/7 regardless of timezone.

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