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How to Get Emojis on Android

Emoji are being considered by many to be a new form of communication, a new language in humanity’s attempts to continue communicating at a deeper level than before. With so many to choose from, emoji have their appeal. Sure, some folks are committed to the usual word texting, but younger generations are starting to use emoji in ever-increasing numbers.

With that said, if you’re an Android user and want to learn how to get emojis on Android, we have the answer to your wish. It isn’t hard, seeing that many emoji are already present on your Android handset — or will be in the future.

How to Get Emojis on Android Lesson #1: You Already Have Many of Them

how to get emojis on Android
emojis via Samsung’s own Messaging app

The first thing you need to know in how to get emojis on Android is that you already have quite a few accessible to you on your Android handset. This is the easiest place to start because it’s often true that sometimes, we don’t know all that our smartphones have or possess and can start to look around in other places for something that’s right under our nose. You don’t need to worry about finding emoji someplace else as though your phone doesn’t have any. It does, and we’ll show you a few places where they’ll be as apparent to you as they already are to us.

The first place you can go to learn how to get emojis on Android is in your text messaging app. If you’re using a Samsung smartphone, you can access emojis in your Samsung text messaging app, which is basic to all Samsung handsets. They’re found to the right of the type box where you enter the message you want. If you have a carrier app, they’ll be found either to the left or the right of the same area in which you enter the message you want to send to someone, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. There are a few pages of emojis, too, within these apps that are already pre-installed on your phone.

You can learn how to get emojis on Android by visiting the virtual keyboard already installed on your smartphone. If you’re a Nexus user, you can access emojis by selecting the arrow to the right of the on-screen virtual keyboard, or by selecting the smiley face on the right of the virtual keyboard. With emojis, you can send emails, texts, and update statuses on social media sites such as Google+ and Facebook as well.

If you decide to use a carrier text messaging app like Verizon’s Message+ app, for example, prepare to have your choice of emojis all over the place — but be prepared to pay for it, too. Verizon’s Message+ service comes with a monthly fee ($2 or more) but has all the customization you could want if you’re an Android user.

How to Get Emojis on Android Lesson #2: Third-party Text Messaging apps have them

how to get emojis on Android Telegram
Emoji stickers on Android via Telegram

You can also learn how to get emojis on Android by using text messaging apps and even private messaging apps. One such example is Skype, which has a smiley face to the right of the type box where you enter your message. Press the smiley face and emojis will arrive in rows, ready for you to choose which one(s) you want to use at any time and on any occasion. Google Hangouts provides the same on Android, for both a Web experience and as your default messaging app with your carrier. If you make Google Hangouts your default messaging app, however, you’ll be charged monthly for this — so make sure to visit Google Hangouts over the Web in order to log-in without using it as your default app so that you can still text those you know without having to pay for it.

how to get emojis on Android Slack
Emojis on Android via Slack chat

Most messaging apps tend to have emoji that come along, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and others. I recommend Telegram as a private messaging app that provides all the emoji you’d ever want but allows you to text in an encrypted, secure environment where your messages can’t be read by prying eyes or hackers. Telegram also allows you to use stickers for comments, so you can use a sticker of a real person instead of a smiley-face emoji (which makes the experience a bit more life-like for some individuals who think animated emojis are rather artificial). Slack is a communication app that lets you collaborate with teams, so if you work a job that uses Slack as a communication resource each day, you’ll have access to additional emojis by way of it.

There are other text messaging/instant messaging/private messaging apps that you can find at the Google Play Store on Android that will help you learn how to get emojis on Android, but these are the easiest, most common and popular apps to use to access them.

How to Get Emojis on Android Lesson #3: Android 6.0.1 brings an additional 200+ emojis to Android

how to get emojis on Android Android 6.0.1
Over 200 new emojis arrive with Android 6.0.1

If you can never learn enough about how to get emojis on Android, we have even better news for you: Google, via the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update, looks to bring over 200 new emojis, including Taco, Unicorn, and weather emojis, to Android, which means that your Android device at some point will receive the new update and thus, more emojis will be added to Android than what you have already.

Of course, you must also remember that it may take some weeks out for your Android device to get 6.0.1 Marshmallow, since Google just released it for Nexus devices about a week or so ago. Nexus devices get the latest updates first, so you may want to purchase a Nexus device if you’re interested in getting those emojis first ahead of the rest of the Android pack. If you feel that you have enough emojis within Android and aren’t interested in adding to your plate, there are plenty within Android to keep you occupied.

You can always visit the Google Play Store and search for “emojis” if you think that what you have isn’t enough, but we have a feeling that Android 6.0.1 will bring more than enough to help you along. After all, it isn’t enough to just learn how to get emojis on Android; one must enjoy those emojis, too, when they land.

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