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How To Get Google Keyboard on iPhone 6s

Apple has allowed third-party app developers to make virtual, on-screen keyboards for the iPhone 6s, which frees customers from Apple’s usual keyboard. Some people seem to think that the virtual keyboard Apple provides is accurate and better than most out there, but you’ve had a taste of Android on a tablet, however, and think that the Google Keyboard is the best on-screen keyboard for any device — and that includes your new iPhone 6s. You now want Google Keyboard on iPhone 6s.

But, what can you do? You’ve searched for Google Keyboard at the App Store on your iPhone and have come up empty. Google has released a number of services for iOS, including Gmail, Google Keep, Google Maps, Google Play Music, Play Movies, and even Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs, but no Google Keyboard. Well, there’s a way to get Google Keyboard on iPhone 6s — but you’ll have to tolerate another keyboard in order to get something close to Google Keyboard on iPhone 6s.

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The answer to the problem is found in the SwiftKey keyboard. To access this, go to the App Store on your iPhone 6s and type in “swiftkey” in the app search, then select it when it appears in the search results list. After selecting the app in the search result list, select “get” and “install” to download the SwiftKey app on your iPhone 6s. After it downloads, you’ll need to go to your settings and enable the SwiftKey keyboard. The reason behind this is simple: since the keyboard is a third-party keyboard, and Apple is serious about protecting your privacy, you’ll need to allow SwiftKey to have access to all that you type on its keyboard — including passwords, credit card information, email addresses, and other user data.

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how to get google keyboard on iPhone 6s

To enable the Google Keyboard for iPhone 6s, you’ll need to go to your phone settings, then “General,” and then “Keyboard.” After selecting “keyboard,” you’ll come up to your keyboard settings. At this point, select “keyboards” at the top of the page, then you’ll see SwiftKey under the list of keyboards. Select “SwiftKey,” then toggle “allow full access” until the green side appears. Apple will remind you that you’re allowing SwiftKey to access all your information. After that, you’re all set.

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