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How to Hide a Camera in Plain Sight? Creative Ways to Hide Camera

When people know that they are being watched, most often than not, they act with their best behavior. Hence, if you would like to observe and see someone do something where they will not pretend because of the knowledge of a camera recording their every move, then, you will have to learn how to creatively hide your camera. Moreover, having a camera can also work as an added security.

How to Hide a Camera in Plain Sight

Hide Your Camera Behind Household Decor and Furnishings

Usually people would look at the top corners and ceiling of the room to look for security cameras which allows a lot of blind spots. Hence, it is wise to use the natural camouflage of your room. Here are some of our suggestions as to where you could creatively hide your camera:

  • Snug it on a mantelpiece between two picture frames
  • Put it inside a fake pot plant
  • Mount the camera on or behind a coat rack
  • Put your camera on the TV stand
  • Hiding it on a bookcase

Hide the Camera on the Branch of a Tree or in a Bush

Another creative option as to where you could hide your camera is on a branch of tree outside. However, keep in mind, that there could be instances where you could get some obstructions such as branches swaying. You could also set it up on a bush or shrub. However, ensure that your curious dogs will not mess up with your camera.

Mount on Wall

There are also a lot of benefits in mounting your camera on a wall.

  • Generally it is more protected against damage and theft
  • Have a great viewing angle
  • Build a stronger and sturdy mount
  • Consistent feed

We suggest that you match the color of your camera to the background this way people would just move along, skip over it and not notice it.

Buy a Camouflaged Camera Case

In this tip, you might have to spend a little more. You could get a camouflaged camera case which would definitely hide your camera in plain sight. It could also come off like a toy or a prop where you could hide your camera in.

Higher is Better

Try to put your camera above the standard human view. This would help your camera get unnoticed. For example, most of us would not notice the cameras installed on an ATM or a bank due to it being placed at a not so usual place. This method would often work for smaller cameras.

  • Keep camera to a similar color to the background
  • Ensure to put it near other objects. This way, it would not standout
  • Ensure that it is out of the peripheral view

Get an Outlet Spy Camera

Another cheeky way to get your camera go unnoticed is to put it where it is difficult to see or view. One place which we are sure no one would notice is through a spy camera in an outlet. They usually have longer battery life and is perfect for indoors.

Hide It In A Picture Frame

  • Ensure that the lens are at a good angle.
  • Choose a bland and neutral colored frame.
  • Do not use a painting or photo that has people in it.
  • Use very small cameras and spy cameras

Hide It Behind Glass

Another creative way to hide your camera is to put it behind a glass since glasses are difficult to see through especially when the light is bright on the other side. Keep in mind that you get clear shots of person’s face.

Problems you could face

  • Outdoor cameras could be damaged from elements such as the weather
  • Some cameras need battery to work
  • Wiring could easily be spotted
  • Choosing the best place to mount it could be challenging

Why Should You Hide a Security Camera?

When people see a camera, they tend to behave different and do not do what they really intend to. Being able to catch someone will help you deal with the problem right away.

Things you must consider

  • The quality of your camera could help you as much detail as you could
  • You will have to legally put a sign to let the people know that there are hidden cameras inside your premises
  • Consider the angle and coverage of the camera
  • It is okay to get help from experts

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