How to Make a Tool in Little Alchemy

By now, you probably have learned how to make a human and is able to create one in Little Alchemy. Your next step would be to make tools for your human. If you do not know how to do it, do not worry as through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to make a tool without any difficulties and trouble.

What is a Tool in Little Alchemy

A tool in Little Alchemy is just like what it is in real life. It is an item which helps humans to accomplish, finish and achieve a goal. In fact, it is something that is used to help create and fix things. Though this is the case, there are also some tools like a Skynet which is used to eliminate humanity as well.

How to Make a Tool in Little Alchemy

Gather the Base Elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air

Just like any item that you make in Little Alchemy, the first step would be gathering the main and basic elements which are earth, fire, water and air. These elements are also required when you make a tool.

  • Combine earth and fire. This will provide you a stone. A stone is an essential tool which is necessary in making tools.
  • Combine stone and wood. A wood could be made out of combining earth and air. When you combine stone with wood, you would get a hammer which is a basic tool in shaping other materials.
  • Use your hammer to pound a stone to make it into something sharper. Now that you have a sharp stone, you could attach it to a wood which will provide you an axe which of course is another useful and important tool.
  • With the use of your axe, you would be able to chop down trees for you to be able to get wood which would allow you to create other items such as saw, shovel, plow and many more.

With being able to gather the main and basic elements, you would be able to start making basic tools which would help you create and make other items. Making items and crafting other materials are simple tasks in Little Alchemy. However, just like in any other game, as you progress, the game becomes more challenging. In fact, in Little Alchemy, there are about 500 items which you could discover, make and create. All you have to do is to experiment, be adventurous, patient and creative in combining different materials.

Combine Earth and Fire to Create Metal

Now that you have the basic and main elements, the next step you would need to do for you to be able to make a tool is to combine earth and fire. This would give you one of the materials you would need to make a tool.

Once you are able to make a metal, the next item you would want to make is wood. For you to get wood, you would need to combine earth and air. Both items- metal and wood, when you combine them would give you a hammer.

Now that you have a hammer, you could start crafting more tools. In fact, you could just attach a stone to your hammer and you would be able to make an axe.

With the use of an axe, you would be able to cut more wood which would allow you to craft more tools such as a hoe, shovel and even a saw. A saw could be made through combining metal and wood. This could also give you a shovel and a hoe.

Add Water to Create Rust

As mentioned earlier, making a tool in Little Alchemy, the first step you would need to do is to gather the basic and main elements and combine them. Once you are able to get the materials you need like metal, add water and you will get rust. Rust is a key ingredient for tools in Little Alchemy.

Add Water to Metal

When you make metal which is done by combining earth and fire, add water to it and you would get rust which is very essential and necessary in creating tools.

  • Tap on the metal element.
  • Tap on the water droplet and combine the two
  • Rust will appear. It is a reddish brown color which would appear on your metal
  • Rust is corrosion and decay which is needed in crafting certain items

Once you have created rust, you would be able to start making different tools such as saw, hammer, plow and axe. These tools will help you create more things and help you work through your environment. In fact, with rust, you would be able to make other elements and would allow you to discover new tools.

Of course, you would have to be careful as you need the right balance of elements. Ensure you do not mix too much amount of elements. This way, you would be able to craft the right tool or material. Try to master elemental combinations like an expert Alchemist. Let your imagination run wild. Build a car, house, everything would you need in a city. The possibilities are endless. Just experiment and enjoy the process of making and creating items.

Combine Rust and Wood to Create a Tool

Another way to make a tool in Little Alchemy is by combining rust and wood.

Gather the Ingredients

Ensure that you have the ingredients to create a tool and that is by having rust and wood in your library of elements.

  • Rust- combine fire and water which would provide you steam. Combine it with metal and you would get rust.
  • Wood – combine earth and air

Combine Rust and Wood

Now that you have rust and wood, just drag one of them and drop it to the other element. Once you have done this, you will get a tool in your library of elements.

Use the Tool

Now you have a tool, you would be able to craft and make other items. As mentioned above, you would not have any problems creating a hammer, axe, hoe and many more.

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